COM0015 – Blog #2: Strong & Weak Organizations

One of the organizations that I really admire for their social media is Tide. I have written a few articles on this company for previous courses and they not only make themselves relevant with what is popular in pop culture (ie: their Super Bowl 2018 Campaign ads), but also did a complete turn around on a social media disaster with the #TidePodChallenge where teens across the country were ingesting (and dying) from eating Tide pods for likes, follows, and retweets.

Another organization that I admire their social media brand is Always. A feminine hygiene product, they are challenging the stigma of the ‘period talks’. They make their commercials and campaigns more about female empowerment than dreading ‘every 28 days’. They are slowly abolishing this idea that periods are ‘gross’ and ‘taboo’ to talk about with boys; and they’re doing it well.

A brand that I believe could be better is Sensodyne. I know this seems a little off the charts, but their commercials and campaigns are so poorly made I have nightmares about them. It’s like they are trying to make it looks like hidden-camera-gorilla filmmaking and it is just a headache to watch. Shockingly, they have not changed their formula since these started appearing ten years ago. Even after film school I would watch these commercials in awe as they were filmed exactly as we were told NOT to do. I know toothpaste isn’t exactly ‘sexy’ campaign product, but with a little imagination you can still make an entertaining ad.

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