COM0014: Blog #5 – Personal Brand

I would classify my personal brand, in term of social media, in the lifestyle category. I enjoy posting about my every day life, and current event happening in my city.

image1I feel my profiles are very true to who I am in real life and that makes me standout from everyone else. I am not trying to fake it or being someone else to get people to like me. Now a days, especially in the social media world, many people try to just post what they think everyone wants to see and just try to gain as many likes and follows as possible, under the assumption that this is their personal brand and it is “lifestyle”. I post content that I like and hope everyone else will too.

I recently started using the Insta-stories and Facebook stories to help grow my following a little more. The concept of using stories has really grown over the last year and followers seem to the love the real time footage. For the most part the stories feature only lets you post content from the last 24hrs, this is one of the reasons it does so well because the follower knows its not something from say 4 months ago you are trying to fake as happening now. It’s not something you can plan out the same way you do other content.

Everyone always says I have an energetic and enthusiastic type of personality and I try to show that in my profiles.

What kind of personal brand do you have?

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