3 Ways to Maintain Followers as a Small Business

As a user of social media and a former small business owner, I’ve got a few tips to make sure you keep your hard-earned followers on Facebook.

Just like in real life – social media does have some common unspoken rules of etiquette that everyone should be aware of – including businesses:

Person Typing on Macbook on Desk

  1. Don’t post too often

Nothing will make you lose followers quicker then filling up someone’s news feed.  Someone has followed you because they liked the content they saw, but that doesn’t mean they want to see it every time they scroll.  According to Elizabeth Lauer of Rev Local , “Facebook is a platform meant to help inform your audience with meaningful content. The idea is to aim for quality content over quantity.”

  1. Make your followers and customers feel important.

Photo of Woman Using Her Laptop

Consumers choose small business because it’s more personable.  Make quality posts that encourage engagement, not just in-your-face selling.  Add a personal touch to the occasional post to remind people that there is a human behind that keyboard.  And whenever you can, boast about how wonderful your customers are.  Little Cutesy Designs is a local clothing designer who does just that by posting about custom orders she receives and complimenting her customer’s choices.  You can check out her business here: https://www.facebook.com/littlecutesydesigns/

  1. Separate your personal pages and your business pages

When you first begin a small business, it can be all consuming.  It can be tempting to treat your business page the same way you would your personal page, but you have to understand that you’ve got different audiences following each.  Silver Tablet Marketing does a great job of differentiating the two ins this simple graphic here.  Basically, the way you run your business page has to be with business in mind.  You shouldn’t just post what you want when you want as you would on your personal page.

These simple rules aren’t all that ground breaking.  They are no different then how you would engage with people in an office or other workplace.  Don’t talk too much.  Be personable and give credit where credit is due and don’t dress for the office as if it’s Saturday morning at home.

fb.pngThree simple ways to make sure your small business keeps the followers it’s gained: https://wp.me/p3QRy0-kbq

twitter.jpgOnline etiquette is what will keep your followers following: https://wp.me/p3QRy0-kbq


3 thoughts on “3 Ways to Maintain Followers as a Small Business

  1. Great tips, BeingOak. I especially liked rule 3 about separating your personal and professional personas. I think a lot of people struggle with that, (myself included). Imagine having to manage multiple accounts for multiple brands, you’re just expected to constantly switch gears. it can be really overwhelming for one person. You’d feel like Toni Collette in that show “United States of Tara”, a woman dealing with multiple personality disorders! If you haven’t seen it, def watch it – so good.

    If this doesn’t exist already, there should be some kind of practice or training to assist in social media fatigue!

  2. Those tips make perfect sense, I agree.
    I particularly feel that the personal touch is even more important for a small business given that we can’t offer scale.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post and your suggestions are on point. I have also read that if you want to sell to your readers, you should consider “giving” 80% of the time and “selling” only 20% of the time. In other words, make sure only one post out of 5 is a sales pitch; make the rest about giving valuable advice and tips to your followers.

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