COM0014: Blog 5 My Personal Brand

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As my social media accounts revolve around me as a person, who reads books and shares thoughts, and not a product, my personal brand is very important. While I go by Molly Jane Reader, my real name is Molly Jane Read, so in essence, I am just being myself online. I think there are definitely certain qualities that set me apart from other online bookish personalities. I’m very genuine, and often funny. I love books wholeheartedly, but I don’t just read what’s trendy and new. I like to find used books that turn out to be gems, and read outside of my standard genres. I like to share these books and my reactions, in the hopes that others can have the same enjoyable experiences in what they are reading.

In my workplace, I think my colleagues would consider my best trait to be my friendliness and openness with guests and customers, my ability to connect with people and make them laugh and feel comfortable. I also tend to take a leadership role in different aspects of my job and life. I think this leadership can also be a great part of personal branding as I am confident in my writing and sharing my opinions.

I’m proud of my ability to communicate well with people, and to make them laugh. Part of this comes from my ability to listen and understand people. I think this ability to communicate in an honest and open fashion is a vital part of my personal brand. I think it makes me seem trusting and trustworthy.

What do you guys consider your best qualities? Would you consider trustworthiness and important quality in those you follow online? Or is there something else you look for? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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