Do I Bring Flowers and Chocolates to an Update and get that social Engagement Ring?


heart shaped box of assorted choclates and many colored flowers laying next to chocolate box

“You don’t bring me flowers anymore”©.


To be relevant in social media one must update with a call to action and engage. Indeed, we must employ creativity and nuance to generate interest and therefore engage those within our network. Our websites, blogs and postings are in search for not only like- mindedness but also new followers, adherents and contacts. Certainly, we have quietly generated a base of followers, advocates and the “interested” yet we still must court these cohorts and keep their respective interest, as one would in any given relationship.

We shan’t forget to “wow” our followers and those who come upon through the use of video. Oh, there are gif’s, rotating pictures and various types of animation. But a good video can cut to the chase, explain weightier matters lightly and quickly, engage people at a fast frame rate.

silohette of a back of a man's head staring at a television screen of static with no discerable pictures

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Video and its historic relationship to television has entertained us, sufficed as babysitting for youth and children, lulled many to sleep, brought emotion and cheers, and has been a plethora for advertising and commercials for generations. I advocate using video as a tool, a significant part of our social marketing strategy and a serious means of engaging spectators and followers. In short, my good friends, a means to step up our dating and updating of relevant and substantial information and call for action.

As maids of honour and best men, YouTube and Vimeo should figure largely in this relationship. However, the video itself, and the temptation to “vlog” are the subjects of focus. Get it, focus. Ahem. Some, about to be shared, experience opened dynamic possibilities to go beyond the pale of struggling for poignancy and push the parameters of affordable professional glitz. In fact I had the occasion to visit a studio that had the capability to place me behind a sports desk.


three commenters behind an ESPN sports desk on a football field. Surrounded with television cameras, football players and coaches, television staff and spotlights.

We had learned from Lesson 3 that Vlogging, the use of video product as a tell a story format, is widely used by YouTube. Vlogging has been a brilliant advantage for both episodic and one time use.

“Vlog” – a shortened form of the word “videoblog,”  which is a blog that features video clips. Pew Research Center;

Some people make a living at vlogging as other parties and social media has paid for such product. The medical field has taken a given shine to vlogging for documenting issues such as medical recovery and the progress of disease. This assists both patients and the community in general, and research shows that it assists people with literacy issues.

Researchers found that these health vlogs can impact patients’ psychological health [], promote health education for youth and young adults [], and improve health information literacy []. This research trend suggests that health vlogs have great potential to improve patients’ wellness and their ability to self-manage their disease (HUH, LIU, NEOGI, INKPEN, PRATT, 2014).

However, the use of video for our purposes, whether blogs, websites, Facebook, etc., is of a more concise value to attract and engage our respective targets. What remains crucial is not to haphazardly toss-up a smartphone produced video, but to take into consideration the content and production value of such a tool. Updating and content should be both relevant and have a “pop” factor now and then.



unspiralled film stretched a couple of feet with white background

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During a project in the community a colleague summoned me to a place in our city and made an appointment with a media professional. We entered his establishment to discover there was a video and audio studio in the rear of this establishment. Through discussion we went on a ride. His studio was equipped to make professional videos of individuals or small groups with a huge advantage. He could place you in any situation without leaving the room, and augment the surroundings to give any temperament one would wish.

A quick example is that he transposed me behind a sports desk, as a sport-caster with an enriched technical background, a polished floor and overhead spotlights with a teleprompter in front of me, should I wish to employ it. Wow! Coupled with an incredibly expensive audio system this was, shall I say, big league material, without a big league price. As we were working on behalf of a client the owner implied that with several changes in clothing, solid scripting, excellent content, and an agreement to a number of sets and backgrounds to be used, we could produce between four to six 3 minute spots in an hour. The going rate?  Two hundred dollars ($200.00) and hour.

Time and Money

stack of coins on table and unfocused clock in background on brown wood wall. Symbolizes time and money

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Now, two hundred dollars sound like a lot of money, however, and this is a big however, the savings of time and money would be tremendous. The quality, the flexibility, the professionalism and the product are well worth this layout of finances. If properly planned as a part of a marketing and social strategy, if  periodically changed and inserted wisely, and should the content border on excellence, such an expenditure may be wise and preferable to struggling with professional equipment and awkward travel.

Olenski at discusses in an article entitled ” 7 Ways To Up Your Chances Of Going Viral On Social Media” that content is critical and important before one involves themselves in advertising costs. He quotes,

Ayoub tells me that “content is and always will be the key to a brand’s success.” He added further that “I’d definitely say before investing into advertising, make sure your content is on point otherwise you’ll end up wasting money advertising something that doesn’t work.” So If you’re not able to keep customers engaged once they’ve visited your page with content, advertising is useless (Olenski, 2018).

So consider your personal brand, your content, and your overall social strategy before moving forward with professional video in your given node in the network. I re-emphasize that this venue is certainly worth investigating. Hopefully, you’ll get a second date from such an update and get engaged with your target.


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Patrick Meagher is a student with Algonquin College through OntarioLearn participating in the Introduction to Social Media course.



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You Don’t Bring Me Flowers lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Spirit Music Group Songwriters: Alan Bergman / Marilyn Bergman / Neil Diamond 1978




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