COM0014 – Blog Post 3 – Target Audience

The Canadian Air transport Security Authority (CATSA) social media presence is growing in followers and engagement.  The organization’s target audience can be reached mainly through Facebook and Twitter platforms.


The amount of post per week are consistent but the organization should place more emphasis on video and live streaming where feasible. There is an increase in live streaming in social media. CATSA would benefit from this type of video and obtain more shares and an increased amplification throughout the target audience and successful engagement with their stakeholders.

One of the key points I have noticed is the conversations on the platform are not automated. Every conversation free text and based on a one on one engagement with a specific follower. CATSA would benefit in incorporating auto replies as data shows the top 3 to 5 enquiries tend to be based on the same topic. During the period I monitored the organization, the common topics are questions about travelling with liquids, aerosols and gels, travelling with medications and questions about intercepted items from checked baggage amongst the top three.


As in Facebook, the organization Tweets can also be periodic real-time posts. In this platform, the audience is especially interested in what is happening now. The organization can monitor what is happening in airports feeds and use pertinent events or issues to engage with the travelling public as the issue is occurring. For example, a storm has caused several delays, this is an opportunity CATSA can extend their reach through the airports platform advising the public that there are increased wait times at our security checkpoints and to arrive well in advance. In addition, CATSA can reach out through the Weather Network and obtain an increase in followers once we link in to this new audience. The question of reach and amplification is an area where CATSA needs to improve on particularly on Twitter.

There is data showing followers are steady but show no significant increase. There is a steady activity in retweets. The area of success on this platform is how well the organization refers their audience to the website for more detailed information and especially to manage reputational risks in the complaints that are made through this platform.


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