COM0014 -Blog 2 – Storytelling and communication styles

In order to obtain the audiences attention and retain it throughout your engagement, I learned two main things about storytelling thus far.

  1. Writing in an active voice engages the reader to a greater degree. The goal of the communication is clearer and to the point. As an employee of a communication branch for a government department, using plain language is difficult to get through the approval process. Fortunately, due to an increase in social media engagement the branch has been pushed to use this method of written communication more often.
  2. In most cases we take the time to reflect and prepare the content of the story we want to tell. How to introduce it, what are the main points and what do you want the readers to gain from it? What I have learned is that reflecting on tone your communication will take is equally significant. Is the purpose of your tone to be witty, humorous on a lighter tone? Is the aim to be neutral about a given story, serious in presenting facts? Are you attempting to gather support and empathy is the route you need to take? Or is a voice of protest and disapproval better suited for your engagement?

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