COM0014: Blog #4 – B2C Case Study

A brand that I think does really well with using social media to their advantage is Wendy’s, the fast food chain.

They make sure they are putting out quality content, which for a food company isn’t always easy. They make sure they are mixing their posts up between posting promos and ads for their products and general posts the relate to their brand. They also do a good amount of retweeting from their followers that are tagging them in posts.

The company is consistently responding to those messaging them. They also give more than a generic corporate response.


Wendy’s interacting with their audience

They respond with personality and a way that not only engages the person they are responding too but also anyone reading. More than once that have had conversations with the audience go viral because of their responses. They person behind the computer for them, running their social media has been able to find that perfect balance of sarcasm and professionalism that most cannot find.

Wendy’s not only engages with consumers but also other companies. Really anyone that is mentioning them, they are responding too. This is something I think is important for a company. Interacting with your audience is important regardless of who the audience involves.

I feel Wendy’s presence on social media is one if the best for a fast food company.

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