Content planning and promotion: a newbie’s guide.

You have an idea for a blog. It’s exciting! You sign up for a WordPress page, you pick out a theme and customize it, you write a killer introduction and outline the general intent of your blog like a boss. Now what? You have ideas, to be sure. However, you are not quite sure what the logical next steps are for what topic you should talk about first or how you should promote your awesome new and upcoming content.

The good news is that the hardest part is mostly done. You have already taken the biggest leap and put yourself out there by starting your blog. Now, it’s time to shift your focus toward your content. If you are reading this, I have no doubt that you are inspired, passionate and creative about your topic — so content isn’t necessarily an issue. The issue and your questions are more about is you should plan and promote it in a meaningful way.

You are not alone. I am here too tell you that I too have been down the “blog content planning and promoting uncertainty hole” — and I know the way out. Below are a few simple pointers for your consideration on how you can get a head start to making your blog a success and how to stay relevant to your blog’s intent over time.

Number 1: set your blogging goals.

The very first thing you should consider before mapping out your content and marketing strategies is setting some specific and attainable goals for yourself and your blog based on the intent of your blog. Whether your blog is a promotional tool for your business or a creative outlet for yourself, it is important to set up some short and long-term goals so that you can make sure that every post, video, podcast, etc. will serve to attain those goals and stay relevant to the intent of your blog.

These goals can be anything you want. However, they be realistic, meaningful and inspiring to you. As Kimberly Ann Jimenez says in this podcast episode, your goals need to pull you toward their achievement, not push you.

Number 2: your content is the key to attaining your goals.

Now that you have some objectives that you are pumped up about, it’s time to start thinking about a strategy to achieve them. This is primarily done by the planning and delivering of your content. This section is mighty short. But it carries a lot of weight.

Because you are already a wiz in your domain of interest, I won’t tell you what kind of content you need to be planning. But, I do have the following message for you; wherever you are, whatever you do, always remember this: your content is they key to reaching your precious goals, so spare no mindfulness in planning for it, regardless of what its vehicle is. Whether it is a blog post or a video or a podcast, never plan them without your goals in mind to help you stay focused and relevant to the intent of your blog.

Number 3: create a content publishing schedule.

We have gone over the goal setting and the careful content planning. Next, we dive into creating a schedule to publish your aforementioned content. Some plan a week or two in advance, some plan 6 months to a year in advance. I say keep it simple and go with one to three months. This will not only help you set out the next few months of your productivity, but planning for three months may also help you feel like your later content is still within reach and therefore, might give you the impression that your goals are that much closer to being achieved.

From eliminating the stress of having to come up with original ideas at the eleventh hour to allowing you to plan your work around your day to day activities, content mapping in advance carries several added benefits. But how much content should you plan for? Amy Porterfield suggests once a week as a minimum. However, she cautions that it is important to post consistently.

Pro-tip: keep an open spot every now and then in case a blog-worthy event pops up at the last minute!


Number 4: create a social media schedule for blog promotion.

Once you are comfortable with your content plan, you can start thinking of promoting it. The usual suspects for broadcasting your work to a global audience include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. The frequency of your posts to these platforms depend on how vigorously you want to market your content.

If you are new to the world of promoting using social media, it is recommended that you start with a conservative broadcasting plan to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the task. Also, you do not have to post your links on every platform available to you. In this video, Peter Voogd, founder of the Game Changers Academy, offers that you can pick one or two platforms without sacrificing quality exposure.

Pro-tip: use free tools like Canva to create your promotional graphics. It’s a user-friendly solution that won’t break the bank!

Remember that slow and steady wins the race.

Now that we have covered the basics, it’s up to you to go out there and work your magic on the Interwebs. Remember that slow and steady wins the race. In case you get stuck, here are a few bonus resources to help you along the way:

  • The Copyblogger’s site has a plethora of information on effective content marketing.
  • Amy Porterfield’s podcasts are an easy way to take in a wealth of information on the world of entrepreneurship and social media while on the go.

Have more questions or would like to hear about something specific in a future blog post? Drop me a line here. I love to hear your feedback and know what’s on your mind.

When you are new to the blogosphere, getting your content organized, published and promoted can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be like that. Get yourself on the right track in just 4 steps by following the link below!

So you started a blog! Now what?

4 thoughts on “Content planning and promotion: a newbie’s guide.

  1. I enjoyed it. It had a good cadence and you helped the reader in the prevention of being overwhelmed. I speak only for myuself, but I like your picture and wished it had a direct hyperlink. I’m always looking for good royalty free pictures. I really like the tip(s). I felt like you were in my court supporting me. That creates a confidence to continue reading. You steer right through the promotion maze and one feels comfortable after the drive. It is a good blog for re-reading, as it were. Nice.

  2. Very nice how-to guide, thanks for sharing your tips of the trade! I think the most overwhelming part for me is planning out a schedule; it’s daunting to think about publishing content before you’ve even had the ideas or written anything of value. But it helps to break it down like you have, feels more achievable. And I think you’re absolutely right – you should never lose sight of your goals! Everything should contribute to the bottom line. Also really liked that CopyBlogger site you mentioned, I will definitely become a frequent visitor!

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