COM0014: Blog #3 – Target Audience

The craft beer industry has really blown up over the last couple of years.

craft-beer-definition-social-640x334[1]When you think of target audiences for craft beer, you think the obvious target would be beer drinkers in general. But actually most beer drinkers don’t like craft beer that much. The majority of craft beer drinkers are millennials. The majority of drinkers also happen to be men, women are truly underrepresented in the area. However, those women that do drink craft beer tend to be avid drinkers of it. They also are in the lower-middle class.

Knowing this can change the way someone would communicate with the audience. You want to use language that the audience is going to understand. You would want to use key words or buzz words that would catch their attention. What would catch the attention of an older demographic is not likely to have the same effect with millennials. For example, Molson has a can that changes colour when its cold, its advertisements showcase it and that works well with most demographics because who doesn’t want a cold beer? But with millennials they are much most about visuals and uniqueness. This makes a brewery like Collective Arts popular. They uniquely designed cans specialty made for them.

When you know your audience, you will have a better understanding of what will work to get them to purchase or even just understand your message.




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