COM0014: Blog #2 – Storytelling

I think being able to tell a story with your writing is really important. It gives your words character. It’s what will keep people coming back to read more. A story gives your words meaning instead of just writing for the sake of writing.

abought-clipart-pencil-1[1].pngYou should make sure you are setting the right tone for your article right from the start. How you choose to phrase your words (Passive v. Active) can change a person impression of your entire article. If you sound to dismissive in your writing, people tend to believe you don’t care about the topic but on the other hand sometimes writing to passionately can come off as too aggressive.

primary_spellcheck_actual[1]You also want to make sure that you have proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Poor grammar and punctuation can be a turn off for the reader. It can make your writing hard to understand, which mean your writing will lose clarity.

In our lesson it also speaks about keep the end in mind. I think this is very important, you want to know what your end will be because otherwise you are writing blindly. While you could still write a post without knowing your end, writing without knowing your end can lead to you losing the clarity of your writing and the conciseness of your article.

There are many ways to write a really good post and even more ways to write a really terrible one, the only way to find out what works for you is to practice, practice, practice.

These are my priorities in writing, what are yours?


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