Iceland: Rye Bread Ice Cream, Viking Battles, and Little People

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In June 2017 I took a trip of a lifetime to visit Iceland with my Dad. To be honest the trip wasn’t quite what I had planned (I had initially planned the trip with an ex boyfriend of several years with whom I was living at the time I booked the trip) but instead was even better than I imagined.

On June 10, Dad and I were packed up and ready to go. We left from the St. John’s international airport backtracked to Toronto before heading to Iceland for two weeks. The first week was mainly spent in and around the capital city of Reykjavik before heading out in a campervan for a week on the Ring Road.

The highlights include a food tour of Reykjavik with samples of lamb stew, local cheese and cured meats, skyr, crab soup, and a famous Icelandic hot dog. The most intriguing food stop was for a taste of rye bread ice cream that was surprisingly delicious! What is your favourite food that you’ve eaten on vacation?

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Rye bread ice cream with whipped cream.

I also booked a black and blue tour that my dad was adamant he would not do! The black stands for the lava tube cave I crawled through, and the blue stands for snorkelling at the famous silfra. This fissure in the earth is where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. While I was exploring underground and under water my dad was relaxing in our hostel’s hot tub.

The rest of the week was a blur of local shops, flea markets, and antique stores. We adventured to Hafnarfjörður just outside the capital city to explore the hidden worlds of elves, little people, dwarves, and trolls. While in the town we stumbled upon a Viking battle re-enactment complete with a Viking village. I also managed to “drag” my dad to a 90s themed drag show.

Once we hit the open road we were struck by the vast and changing landscape of Iceland. We drove around, over, and through mountains; past lava fields, stopped at an iceberg lagoon, visited a glacier, warmed ourselves on mud cauldrons and steam vents, and swam in many lagoons. We photographed waterfalls, geysers, craters, canyons, and a plane wrecked on one of Iceland’s black beaches.

We ate delicious pastries, visited a textile museum, and tasted ice cream fresh from a local creamery. Before heading back to Newfoundland we stopped at the birthplace of Leif the Lucky, also know as Leif Erikson, who is thought to have settled in L’Anse aux Meadows at the very tip of Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula.

The experience of traveling with my dad across a foreign island is one I wouldn’t trade for anything. We had a lot of fun on the adventure – and best of all we both made it home to Newfoundland in one piece with a bucket list travel visit checked off.

Where is next on your list? Or where have you always wanted to go?

Check out the video below for more snippets of this amazing trip!

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