Out of the Box

There are so many aspects of social media that are unexpected. Each time a platform comes out with a new feature I’m always surprised at the ingenuity. I use social media for personal use, so my perspective on new features was either “this is great and I’ll totally use this” or “what the heck were they thinking?”. Most of the time when a new feature is rolled out, I always think I’m never going to use it and what a waste it is. Take, for example, stories on Snapchat. When this first came into play, I could not get behind it. I thought it was silly and couldn’t imagine that many people were interested. Here we are now, and I think it’s a great idea! The use of stories on social media allows for a temporary post that doesn’t flood the feed and its great for both personal use and businesses.

snap stories picture

From TechCrunch

I also originally thought the live feature on Facebook and Instagram wouldn’t catch on. Shows how innovative my mind is. Though I still have no use on my own personal page for this feature, I can totally see why businesses would! This allows for people to live stream events, roll-outs, or anything that people may want to see in real time. This feature also allowed for my friends and family to watch my volleyball games while I played in the Netherlands and they were home in Canada. Using the live feature is a great way to grow your audience online and get people interested.

Something else I’ve never really considered in social media is blogging. Of course I was aware of it, but I never really saw the major impact it could have on marketing. One of the courses in this program required us to start a blog and I’ve never looked back. By creating my own I’ve seen the ways in which you can be creative and share your content with the world. Businesses should definitely consider utilizing a blog as it keeps their consumers and followers in the loop with what’s going on. It is also a great place for businesses to give out information or even tips and tricks to entice people to use their services. Not only is it good for businesses, but it’s a business of its own! There are tons of bloggers out there whose only source of income is their blog.

Many different industries are looking for influencers to help advertise their business. This is also something unexpected for me, and to be honest I am truly jealous of those who have built their personal brand into something that’s monetized. The rise of social media influencers is something I never predicted would be such a massive industry. Especially on Instagram and YouTube, people are having incredibly successful careers by creating a personal brand that people want to be a part of. Whether its makeup, fashion, real estate or anything else you can think of, there’s an influencer out there getting paid to promote someone’s content! What a life.

What are your favorite new aspects of social media? Is there anything new that’s come up that you just can’t see the value in?

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