COM0014 – Blog #7 – Personal Reflection

I must start off by saying that this course has been very interested and not really what I expected. I was pleasantly surprised though! It covered a lot of areas that I hadn’t given a lot of thought about and now I find myself looking at that things that I never did before.

I think that storytelling is so important when creating digital content so that people know there is an actual human behind the computer and not just a bot. With this digital world that we live in I find it far to often that we are losing a lot of the human touch. Story telling can help make content for relatable to everyday life and give a personal touch to the messages.

Components of a blog

Components of a blog

Currently I am not working with social media on a professional level, although I have in the past. The only thing I am really working on is my personal brand. While I have made some tweeks to the way I have presented myself I do not think at this time I will be telling a full story. However, it has made me think more about how I would tell my story and personal brand in person.

For blogging I think I might want to tell more stories about past and present. I guess to use it in a journaling way. I know I have noticed myself checking out more blogs since I have had to create my own and it has peaked an interest within me. I really did enjoy this course and readying everyone else’s blogs and discussions!

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