Blog 4: Out of the Box

This course was a big step for me not only was it outside of the box, but it was also outside of my comfort zone. When I started this journey back in January, I knew I had a lot to learn about social media and online marketing, I had no idea just how much I was about to learn. 


 Being in print sales for over 15 years I thought I was a bit of an expert when it came to marketing. Well, maybe print marketing but not online marketing. This was very unexpected for me, there are similarities between print and online marketing. The differences outweigh the similarities.  Print marketing is unmeasurable, you cannot engage, you cannot listen and you cannot target your audience. There is no way to know it works. The more I learned about social media and online marketing the more I knew that I had to get out of the print advertising business and get on board this new and exciting way of marketing.

Over the years I have also found print advertising has become boring, never changing and losing its momentum. Online and social media marketing is changing in some way as I type this blog. This new way to market and reach your audience is exciting, never boring and I cannot see it ever losing it momentum.

Another factor for me was age, I thought that online marketing and social media was for millenniums, this course taught me that every age group can be targeted, engaged with and sold too. I have jumped on board and I am excited that I have.

“Miracles start when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do your fears” Richard Wilkens

This past week I have left my job with Metroland Media, I am no longer a print advertising sales consultant, my new business card reads Social Media Marketing Consultant. This blog is my final assignment of the Algonquin College Social Media Certification course, is my learning coming to an end? Not at all. I read articles and blogs, listen to podcasts and watch videos daily to keep up with this new way of marketing, staying on top of the learning is going to be an important part of this new journey.

 I have enjoyed this course the lessons, assignments, the discussions and most of all writing blogs. What was the part of this course did you liked the most?





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