COM0014 – Blog #7: Personal Reflection

Why is storytelling important to creating great digital content?

Storytelling is important to creating great digital content because it lets us connect with our audience. In order to do this, content must be clear and concise and should have subject headings and sections. Content should also be balanced by having enough detail.

How will your content be guided by story?

The fact that there are different styles of storytelling lets us interact with different types of audience. Different types of content can be guided by the style of the story and storytelling. Different stories require different styles. This allows us to decide how we want to communicate either by having a passive or active voice. Another method used is the inverted pyramid. In this method, it is important to put the most important information at the top and gradually follow with the lesser important information.

What kind of stories do you want to tell?

Since I really enjoy Christmas and baking, the types of stories I want to tell will likely include Christmas baking. I already post pictures of food and baked goods on Instagram and Twitter. Why not take it to the next level by posting step-by-step pictures and recipes. As well, since Halloween is wrapping up, what better time than now to start the Christmas cookie countdown!

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