COM0014 – Blog #6: My favourite customer story… in which I was the customer!

I remember very clearly the first time that I made a purchase based on excellent customer service. The summer I turned 15 years old, I started work for a catering company at our local airport. This company made the meals for the airlines. Soon into this job, I realized that standing on the cement floor of the assembly line in my $5 dollar tennis shoes… was not good for my feet. I decided it might be time for an upgrade in my footwear.

Raena, (I still remember her name!) was the sales associate at the first shoe store in the mall in which I stopped. Raena took the time to listen to what I needed. We both bonded over working on our feet all day, and she took the time to help me find the right fitting pair of shoes. I remember the “sticker shock”… as it was the most I had ever paid for a pair of shoes in all of my 15 years!  And. I. did. not. care.  I felt they were worth every penny! Raena had created value. She didn’t sell me something I didn’t need. She sold me something more than a pair of Reebok shoes, she sold me an experience.

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Even though it’s only been a few short *coughthirtypluscough* years since I bought those shoes, I still draw on that experience when it comes to the customer service that I provide. I do my best to create value in each job that I have had since that time. Excellent customer service is created not just by how you treat your customer but how you treat your co-workers, suppliers and/or fellow business associates.

The nature of the current health service industry that I work for, I am fortunate that we have repeat clients. I have more than one opportunity to show authenticity and genuine care, this, in turn, creates an experience and deeper connections with these clients. My favourite clients are the ones that have become friends!



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