COM00014 Blog #6: What Choices have you made that you regret?

What you post on the internet will stay there forever!

We often hear people say “Be careful what you post on the internet, it will be there forever.” That really stuck with me. So I was always leery about posting anything online in any social media platform. While all of my friends would talk about pictures or posts they had uploaded to Facebook, I would just sit there and listen.

I wasn’t worried about the pictures I would post of a night out because I know I have good judgement. But I was mostly worried about my friends posting unflattering pictures where they would tag me. Some of them liked to party hard and that famous saying “Be careful what you post on the internet, it will be there forever” would always come back to haunt me when I thought I was ready to create a Facebook account.

Social Media Late Bloomer

Fast forward several years and there was so much talk about social media. I thought to myself, I better get on the bandwagon before it’s too late. But what social media accounts should I create? There were so many choices, so many options and I thought well, I don’t have to pick one, I can pick two or more! I started with Instagram, then Twitter. I carefully studied and learnt from my colleagues what I should and should not post and how much personal information I should divulge. I set boundaries with Instagram: never post faces of anyone, including myself. I wanted to maintain some element of privacy and well that was one way of doing it, without making my account private. On Twitter, I am careful of the comments I “like”, especially when it comes to politics. I feel like I’ve done well so far but my one regret is that I wish I had jumped on the social media bandwagon much earlier.

One thought on “COM00014 Blog #6: What Choices have you made that you regret?

  1. Great post! I think it’s very important to set boundaries when it comes to social media. Some people post so much that you literally know where they are and what they are doing at all times. It’s a little scary!

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