COM0014 – Blog #6: My Story

“What is your greatest achievement?”

June 9th, 2017:

I looked at my peers around me, dressed head to toe in all black. The girls had their hair done and the guys had their faces shaved and groomed. We stood in a line, two by two, and we waited outside the heavy metal doors. We were fidgety and anxious, and understandably so. We all worked hard for four years and the payoff had finally arrived. No one wanted to think about the fears of the future or where we would all be after that day. That day was a good day; a day no one would ever forget.

Someone made a signal and another person opened the doors. Music was playing loudly, the familiar tune we had all heard before in high school. You didn’t hear that song often, but when you did, it always sent a grin soaring across everyone’s face.

We sat down in alphabetical order and waited patiently for the names to be called. I felt my heart racing. I had seen videos of people tripping and falling across the stage and in the back of my head, I had to keep myself composed. I buried the thought in the depths of my imaginative mind.

My row got up and we moved to the darker side of the stage where our instructors smiled with glee. Some of them even dressed us in our hoods and guided us up the steps. Then, my name was called. “Emily McCall. Graduating with a Specialization in Digital Media. Graduating with distinction.”

My cheeks were hurting as I shook the President of UOIT’s hand. I proudly took my degree and waved to my parents and my sister who were sitting on the other side of the stage.

And just like that, it was over. I had graduated from four long, hardworking years of university. I was now a Bachelor of Arts graduate and I had never felt more proud of myself in my entire life. DSC_0469


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