COM0014 – Blog #5 – Personal branding – Who are you?

Reflecting on my personal brand seems to be a theme this past term. There are a lot of different qualities and characteristics that come to mind and whether they make me stand out I do not know. The few qualities I think of are hardworking, organized, and thinks outside of the box. While most people define themselves as hardworking I have found few are. I think that thinking outside of the box and being able to accomplish those ideas is what separates me from the pack.

I believe the world is an ever-changing place and going to university and or college and getting a degree isn’t enough anymore. You need to be in the know and always updating your skills. Taking this course as a few others is how I am working on making myself standout.

People inside of a box thinking and one outside with a bright idea via

People inside of a box thinking and one outside with a bright idea via

I think it’s important to show that you understand that the word is changing and that you are willing to learn and change with it. I have worked at so many places where there are those just not willing to accept change and move with it and as a result are left in the dust.

My colleagues would probably say that my ability to adapt to situations is one of my best qualities. In the world of events things are always moving and in a second everything can change. You can’t have a meltdown although sometimes it would be nice to. You must be able to analyze the issue and figure out exactly what you can do to fix it.

I think so many of us are always looking to improve on ourselves in different ways. What are some other ways that you improving you?!



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