COM0014 – Blog #5: The Power of a Personal Brand.

Personally and professionally, I am noted for my organizational skills and creativity. I can envision a project, organize and execute it. My personal brand is my love of organization, health, and dental wellness. Especially organization, I often refer to myself as an organization Ninja!

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As an Office Administrator and Social media manager, I am passionate about creating a positive customer service for clients. The constant need to keep up and improve the customer experience when it comes to the rapid changes in social media and technology has stretched and expanded my creativity further than I have ever imagined! Most recently, I am most proud of my accomplishment of setting up an online appointment booking system for our clients! This took a great deal of organization to make the transition as seamless as possible.

I believe you can never stop learning! I continually take courses to keep my skills current. I also take every opportunity to meet with fellow business professionals. I find that peers in these groups have proven strategies that they have implemented and they are often willing to share their experiences and resources. I find it very fulfilling when I have the opportunity to speak or lead a workshop on a topic of which I have some knowledge or share a skill or experience that can help others.

What is it that makes you unique and you feel the most fulfilled?

2 thoughts on “COM0014 – Blog #5: The Power of a Personal Brand.

  1. Great read! I love how you are taking such initiative to improve things in your work place. That could be another trait of your personal brand!

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