COM0014 Blog #5: Personal Branding

What’s your personal brand?

When I asked colleagues and friends to describe some of my personal qualities or characteristics, I was described as ambitious, bilingual, hard working and outgoing. The later of which, I was told is my best trait.

Based on these descriptors, my personal brand statement is:  Fluently Bilingual Ambitious Government Communications Specialist.


What sets me apart?

Although there are many ambitious bilingual communications specialists –what makes me stand out? Well for starters, a few items including receiving a certificate of appreciation from the Prime Minister for work done on a special project as well as significant experience working closely with the Prime Minister’s office, including with two very different governments. These experiences set me apart from the pack, show that I am able to work under pressure & evolving scenarios, and am a team player.


What have I done lately?

As with most government organizations and departments, mine is in full charity campaign mode. To stand out, I organized a candy bag sale to raise money for the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign and, with my idea, my section raised over $600! Not only did this make me stand out but it also displayed some of my personal traits like being outgoing. I had to visit different buildings and publicize the sale of the candy bags. As well, I had to have a good slogan and, of course, it had to be bilingual!


Enhancing my brand

To enhance my visibility, I network on various social media platforms including the government’s own version of LinkedIn called GCConnex.

GCConnex has opportunities to be part of different subgroups including Women in the Canadian government, government communications, strategic communication, etc. Not only do these groups enhance my visibility but also my ability to network and meet new like-minded people.


Candy Bags

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