Is the Hype of Online Shopping Wearing off?

Amazon has taken over the online retail space over the last several years. But now they have started opening physical stores. Has the hype of online shopping wearing off?

Many of us go online to find products we are looking to buy, and we often can go to Amazon and get a better price.  How many of us add that ONE item to their cart, and then suddenly, the minimum purchase of $25 has totaled $100. How did that happen, did you really need those extra purchases?

When I am making a purchase, even something small, I go online, shop around, check reviews and ask peers through social media. After completing my research, its time to make my purchase! But when it arrives, and I open the package, it is not what I had in mind. Maybe the color is off, or the size is wrong, or it lacks in quality. Whatever the reason, its not what I was expecting.   Great, now I must complete the whole return process, and wait for it to show up on my credit card. What a pain! Would this have happened if I just went to the store, and physically held the product? Was I relying too much on reviews posted by people and the feedback from my peers?

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I am starting to think I am not the only one who has had this experience, and probably not the only one who is tired of not getting exactly what I wanted. Once again Amazon is ahead of the curve and opening brick and mortar stores to satisfy those who need to physically hold a product to finalize their purchase. Amazon will now have 3 different types of physical stores.

  1. Amazon 4-star
  2. Amazon Pop Up
  3. Amazon Books

These stores over a selection of books, merchandise and items that are trending are rated 4 + stars.

What do you think, are your buying decisions being affected by your peers and social media? Do you feel the need to go to a physical store to make your purchases?


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One thought on “Is the Hype of Online Shopping Wearing off?

  1. I agreed with you that shopping online is not completely living up to its expectation, and people are not jumping on board yet. On the other hand, Amazon’s move show that they are in trouble and in desperation. They are being squeezed by the big player like Walmart, Canadian Tire, Loblaws, and other equivalents from USA. Another major factors is through social media, many smaller competitors can compete easily online and survive with less overhead and more preofit margin. But most important of all it is because the products qualify is not as good, and you cannot really feel and try the product first before purchase; this is exactly what I was talking about in my Blog “Beyond Your Senses in Social Media”. Have a read and let me know what you think. Customer experience in real world is very important, so is the user experience in our online shopping.

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