How Social Media is Helping Dog Rescues

Who doesn’t want to see photos of adorable dogs on their social media feed? Ariel Bogle talks about this in her blog post on Mashable: “As the internet has definitively proven, a photo of a kitten or a puppy is irresistible, and animal rescue organisations are using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to exploit our addiction for good.” It’s really not surprising how well social media has been working to help dogs get adopted. More rescues should be taking advantage of these free platforms to get exposure.

About two years ago, my partner and I decided to adopt a dog from a rescue in Ottawa. We searched and searched to finally find our Kozmo. Four months later, there I was doing volunteer work for the foster-based rescue as a Photographer and Graphic Designer. Not too long after, I also started helping by creating content for the rescue’s social media pages. It didn’t take long for the president of the rescue to realize how big of an impact social media was having on the adoption rate. She couldn’t believe how social media could make that big of a difference.


As of today, Cooper’s photo on the rescue’s Facebook page has been shared 129 times, it has 47 comments and 143 likes. Thanks to social media, this puppy will find a home soon!

I started taking photos of the dogs that were coming in and then posting the photos with a mini biography on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. People started sharing the posts more and more, and before we knew it, dogs were finding foster homes or new families within days instead of months or years. The difference that professional photos of the dogs and biographies were making was crazy. The public was getting attached to these dogs and wanted to follow their story. Posting content regularly to the 21,000 followers on Facebook definitely made a difference for this charity.

It didn’t end there. Sharing fundraising events on social media that we were organizing attracted even more participants. Followers started sharing these events too. We started attracting new volunteers like foster families, as well as adopters.

What dog rescues need is exposure and a big following online that is ready to spread the word. Social media has been a big game changer for charities. Before social media, organizations had to hold so many events to get any exposure. It was all very expensive and time consuming. Sadly, the only problem that remains is that a lot of rescues don’t have funds to hire photographers, graphic designers, social media specialists, etc., or to pay for ads. Just like social media, I believe that a community can also be a game changer for dog rescues and other charities. Giving a bit of time and help to a cause that’s close to your heart is truly fulfilling!

Which charities do you follow on social media? Do you find that they’re using social media to their advantage?


Twitter Symbol : How Social Media is Helping Dogs Get Adopted.

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