Twitter vs Tumblr For Fandoms

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If you are new to the term fandom here is the definition “the fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc., regarded collectively as a community or subculture”. Many people on many social media applications/websites have found their fandoms, and have made many friends through these shows, movies, artists, etc.

The big debate right now, at least in my fandoms are which website/application to use? Tumblr used to be the website to be on for anything; as long as it was a fandom you could find it there. Nowadays though, twitter is the place to be! Tumblr is still being used, just not as much as it had been years prior.

A very popular fandom I’m in is the Pokemon fandom, known from it’s tv show that has been going on for 20 years now, a trading card game, mainline game series, side game series, and the Pokemon Go app. It’s home used to be on Tumblr, but alas a bunch of my friends have moved to Twitter, and when I ask why they state it’s quicker and easier.

Now mobile apps definitely aren’t the best and the Tumblr one crashes a lot or doesn’t work properly. While Twitter is almost always working possibly maybe a glitch here, but not much happens to Twitter. It is a reliable website/application.

I am not a fan of change when it comes to these things, where it should be plain and simple, so I so far have stayed on Tumblr. But I did make a twitter account for this side of me so it is separate from my main account. And was I ever wrong! It is a breath of fresh air, cliche maybe but it feels like I have fallen in love all over again. The art from fans on twitter is astounding! Tumblr has had great artists but Twitter makes it seem so brand new.

Change is good. I like this change, I still use Tumblr though. I will never leave it for good. I can’t just pack my bags and leave with no reason. Tumblr works amazing for the posts I do (writing), so it is good for me and what I do. I do see though how artists feel when they post on Tumblr and it gets lost in the tags, so Twitter picks that up for them.

So what do you use? Are you a Twitter person? Or Tumblr? Or do you not even know/use these? I would love to find a good platform for all kinds of creativity.

twitter Fandoms unite! But where?

facebook Where do you fangirl?

One thought on “Twitter vs Tumblr For Fandoms

  1. Hey Valerie!
    POKEMON FANDOM! I even go to the community gatherings and get all excited when they release new pokemon in pokemon GO! I am interested to see how much you love Tumblr and what you use it for seeing as I have not explored it too much. The design scares me away and I’m not sure where to start, but I’m glad I have an example of somebody who uses and loves it! Twitter is great for a change, its filled with great hashtags to follow and my favorite feature our lists. You can put up to 50 people on them and see a specialized feed that isn’t like your regular feed, I would put my favorite social media experts to follow. Thank you for the great read!

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