COM0015 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!


The Good: Top Shelf Distillers is a small moonshine, vodka and gin distillery in Perth, Ontario, this company distributes all over Canada. Their social media platforms are well done, well followed and there is a lot of engagement. They post regularly, their posts are interesting, the photos and videos are well done. They use social media to promote events, taste tasting and pop up shops across Canada. Recipes of cocktails are posted seasonally. Social media is also used to connect and promote other local business and suppliers. Social media is a major part of their marketing plan and time is taken to manage all their platforms.


The Bad: We are in the middle of a municipal election, I have been following quite a few candidates and debate sites. Social media especially Facebook has played a big role in the election this year. Some candidates did a good job using social media for their platforms and interacting with voters. Some candidates used it to be negative, confrontational and to discredit other candidates. Twitter really heated up with comments and retweets good and bad. Following some of these platforms was like watching a train wreck and not productive.


The Ugly: the media company I work for Metroland Media, Star Metroland Media or Toronto Star not sure what name we are going by right now. Even the employees are not sure what the name of our company is, our customers are so confused. This is a perfect example of changing your branding too often confuses everyone involved. There is very little social media presence under any of these names except the Toronto Star.  Each of the community newspapers under this umbrella has a good social media presence but makes no mention of the parent company. It is important to stay true to your brand for your employees and your customers. Their branding and social media platforms are weak.


So many people complain about the negativity on social media, like anything there is the good, the bad and the ugly. I try to focus on the good, it is hard to sometimes not get sucked into the bad and the ugly especially during election time. What do you do to try to stay away from the negativity on social media?


One thought on “COM0015 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

  1. Really interesting post. I especially liked (and agreed with) your comments regarding candidates using social media as part of their election platform. We had a great candidate in our town—she was incredibly poised, articulate, and positive when responding and posting. She also made use of the ads, as well as posted videos that explained her experience, her background, and what issues were most important to her. I think her use of social media really elevated her campaign as well as increased her reach exponentially.

    To answer your question, I’ve really had a good look at the accounts I follow and have unfollowed anyone that doesn’t bring me any form of happiness. Instagram is my favourite platform and of late I have noticed that things were going negative (especially in light of all that is going on with women’s issues) so I have simply unfollowed these people that spew negativity. That’s not to say that I have unfollowed anyone that has a strong opinion, but visually I want to see positive images because I believe it is easy to get sucked in, or feel that you are inferior in some way—life is messy, not picture perfect/filtered. Twitter is another platform that I have had to revisit as well as it can get pretty toxic. I follow inspiring, strong women (and a few good men) and rarely read the comments…

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