Catfish – Filters – Who are you?

False illusions are a major part of social media that I think most of us don’t always think about. “Hi! My name is Amy, I am 23 and love long walks on the beach.” Says a 53-year-old man sitting in North Dakota. Yes, that would be a catfish. We’ve all heard about and read the stories about someone pretending to be someone they aren’t. People stealing other people’s pictures and creating fake profiles. So how safe is that photo you posted? Who is that person who just friended you? What is the motive behind this type of behavior?

There are many reasons why someone might decide to become a catfish. says “The biggest reason someone becomes a catfish is because they don’t feel confident in who they really are, so they pretend to be someone else.”

Photo - Before and after via Pintrest

Side by side picture of a girl before a photo filter and after a photo filter

So, we need to ask ourselves, why are there so many people who aren’t confident in who they are? Meet my friends – Photoshop and Filters! We have all heard about it and even seen scandals where a photo is posted, and someone is missing part of their body. Most people on social media have used one of these tools at least once.

I have a friend who used a filter on her six-month-old baby! This is a little extreme as babies are so cute but the message behind it is that we are always trying to make things around us more appealing. You hear it from people all the time, they complain about something they do not like with themselves and the people listening are shocked that this person thinks there is a problem as no one else sees it. So, before you start photo-shopping and adding filters to your photos, remember that most celebrity photos you see have been altered. Here are some steps provided by to help you build self-confidence:

1 – Visualize yourself as you want to be

2 – Affirm yourself

3 – Do one thing that scares you ever day

4 – Question your inner critic

5 – Take the 100 days of rejection challenge

6 – Set yourself up to win

7 – Help someone else

8 – Care for yourself

There are many other ways to build confidence and a different trick for everyone. So, what do you think about all of the ways to edit a photo? Have you ever been Catfished?


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5 thoughts on “Catfish – Filters – Who are you?

  1. Interesting blog and topic. No I haven’t been catfished before. In fact I wasn’t familiar with the term until reading your post. I think its really too bad when people go to great lengths to lie and build up a false image online. I think it is becoming an increasingly common thing especially on the online dating sites.
    I am very careful to not put a lot of info or pictures online for others to be able to use. Its amazing how some seem to be just out there to steal identities and info and mislead. With all the good that social media can bring. This unfortunately can be some of the downside to the vast world of social media.
    Thanks for your thought provoking topic. Stay safe out in the internet universe.


  2. I love that you chose to tackle this topic, as it is one that has intrigued me for the last year or so. When I was deep into the multilevel marketing world, I was doing daily videos and posts and using the filters from Snapchat first started out being fun, and then it felt like it was a necessity. It wasn’t until I was following a social media guru and they had said something along the lines of “Stop using those filters, it makes people see that there’s something you’re hiding—something you’re insecure about.” That I realized how true that was. It forced me to take a look at why I was really choosing to use those filters, and for the first while, it was actually uncomfortable to stop using them! Since then, it has become something that I’m maybe too aware of—seeing many celebrities constantly using them, and even using them on their newborns not only makes me cringe a bit, but also reminds me that clearly they have the same insecurities we have.

  3. Super interesting topic! The idea of catfishing is so scary to me, I always tell my friends if they are going to meet someone they met online to not be alone or at the very least make sure its in a public place! I have definitely found my self over editing my photos before but stopped because it made me even mre self concious if I was meeting someone for the first time who I knew had seen my photos. Now I just use editing to adjust the colours and enhance what was captured in the original photo. Thanks for the read!

  4. Very interesting topic! I really liked your post!
    I’ve never been catfished, but I’ve heard so many horror stories. It’s really upsetting to think that people can go to such lengths just because they don’t feel confident.
    I think filters are pretty much one of the worst things that has happened to social media. Why would you want to completely change your appearance in photos? I’m getting annoyed of not seeing normal photos without filters. People are taking the selfie craze to a whole new level with the Snapchat filters…
    I’m a photographer, and as for Photoshop, I agree that it can make people less confident. It can be hard for young women especially to look at magazines of photoshopped models and think they should look that way too. Sometimes, even the models themselves don’t look like that in reality because of the amount of editing. When I edit photos of clients, I’m careful and I don’t overedit. I want my work to make people feel confident without completely changing the person’s appearance.
    I sometimes get clients who keep making jokes during photo sessions by saying things such as : “You can photoshop me to look skinnier right? When you edit the photos, can you make my nose look smaller?”. This truly makes me sad. Why say those terrible things about yourself? I always tell them that they don’t need to be photoshopped and that they look great. Saying that to clients might be slightly cheesy, but I always say it with honesty.
    We should lift people up, not bring them down, and sometimes kind words are all it takes to help someone feel a bit more confident!

  5. Not quite catfish here on my end, but I just found an app called Facetune that I downloaded to scope out after seeing crazy before and after pictures from Instafamous models. I was SHOCKED at how they were manipulating their features. I wish people were rewarded for posting more natural content and for their brains and creativity. It’s all an illusion and whether it’s using other people’s pictures or adjusting your own until near unrecognition, I think the fear-based decision to either one stems from the same insecurity. Have you ever heard of that app to edit photos I mentioned?

    Interesting article, thanks for sharing.

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