The #NameGame


Photo By Pete Linforth

Instagram is great for getting content noticed or not noticed based on how you brand yourself, and while the content you post is very important to get likes and retain followers, one of the most important tools you can use to boost your reach is hashtags! Here are some tips on finding out which hashtags to use!


What’s going on in the Jones’ backyard? What are your neighbours doing? Thats right I’m telling you to peak over that metaphorical like Wilson from tool time (Tim Allen tv series from the 90’s and I just dated myself didn’t I?). Yes, checking out to see what other people are doing is the best first step to discover what avenue of hashtags to use on your own page.

What is your page about? Who can do it better? Now, what are their hashtags? No shame in looking, it’s not illegal, it’s doing research.


Google is also a very powerful tool! You can google popular hashtags and get an never ending search result page with links to show which hash tags are top performing. Not all the information in those links are free but on some sites a good majority of the statistics will be free. Check back often because trends change and new hashtags could be more popular.


Create some original ones! There might be a #hashtagyouneverheardof but there is always a chance someone else is going to have the same idea and stubble upon your lonely five posts with that hashtag and discover you. Might even start a trend of your own. Its great to build your own specifically if there is a project specific you’d like to track to allow others to chime in and be involved.

Try it out, and see if this has helped improve your hashtag #TheNameGame or post with #TheNameGame with any additional advice (and I’ll like your post!).

Learn 2 Hashtag w/#theNameGame

Learn 2 Hashtag w/#theNameGame

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