Need to unwind? Unplug? Read this before you do.

Unplug, to leave social media behind for a period of time, or forever. When do you need to do this? How do you know? Well my friend, let’s begin on how I did it myself.

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When I unplugged myself, I left a job that wasn’t fulfilling me. They were not abiding the law, they had me working every hour we were open, and I never had any breaks or vacations. So when I took the plunge into deciding if I should go or not, I asked them about a vacation since I never had one, and my parents bought me a ticket to come to Cuba with them.

They did not want me to go, so I stayed for the holiday season so I wouldn’t be rude to them by leaving them when they need me the most. But after it was over, I gave in my two weeks notice. The day I ended my last shift, was the day I went to Cuba.

Cuba already isn’t the best with internet, so I decided to not even bother. To be away from social media for a whole week. It was hard for the first few hours, when I had to wait for the bus, to then wait for the time we could get our resort key. After that though, it was so nice. The weather wasn’t the best, but it was still way better than Canada’s weather that we were away for. The food at the resort was okay, the barbecue guy though was amazing. The room itself was fine, nothing fancy, the beach wasn’t the place to go while we were there (January), it was too windy. The pool was amazing, and the bar did good lemonades.

It was also the time I did an excursion to Habana. That was amazing because I went on my own (with a bus filled with other tourists), but I wanted to explore while I was there. A lot of times I wished I could have pulled out my phone and posted right away to social media, but I couldn’t. So I took many photos, videos, and boomerangs to post once I got home. A lot of them though never got online. Only a few passed my ‘expectations’ for photos. All of them were beautiful though!

I now realize it though. I had a hard time to show my true self online. I wanted to be professional, when really I needed to be personable. To show them that I went to the Beatles bar in a Rolling Stones shirt! To show that I do like coconut, but not coconut water!

Once I came back home to Canada, from a long day of traveling I went straight to bed. I honestly did not go on social media right away. I text messaged my friends since I also did not have cell service while I was away. I slowly went back into it, and it felt amazing. I now go days without going online. It feels good to be able to do this. I really recommend everyone to unplug. There are multiple benefits, but I’ll only list 3 today.

  1. More time. I spend so much time online when I do, just aimlessly scrolling. Like mindless eating you do too much, the same with mindless social media scrolling, you do too much. You spend a good hour doing so. So thus, when you take a break it feels like you have a bunch of time back.
  2. Feeling good. I personally see a bunch of negativity in social media because of twitter, so I then don’t feel the best. So when I take my occasional days off, I feel amazing! Nothing brings me down. I feel good that I am away from it as well.
  3. Being present in the moment. Now I love holding onto memories in photos and such, but just being with friends on a night out without photos or social media makes me appreciate it all more. I love my friends and we don’t see each other often, so being with them in the moment is truly special. To only worry about them and be with them then is so nice.

I hope you learned something, or are inclined to go unplug. It truly is something amazing. A week is a long time though, so a day is good too. Now tell me, would you do this willingly? Or would it take a trip like mine to get you to do it?

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