Goodbye writer’s block & hello 9 strategies to becoming a content creating machine


Meet Jacob Mark.
He’s my newest client who simply dreads the task of creating written content for his social media platforms.

He can’t stand creating content, mostly because he has no idea where to begin. He’s outwardly expressed his desire for me to do all of the photography, written and social management for his social media, which I kindly declined last week.

There must be a certain level of autonomy we gift our clients with right? What are your thoughts on this as well, I’d love to know!
Have you ever been in a situation where someone more skilled in a specific area has done something for you and you heavily relied on them to do everything? I’m not talking about your parents LOL.

Let’s say this guy Leo builds you a website. Can you imagine if you had to go back to him and give him your content to put onto your site or blog everytime you had something new to share? This has at times driven me nuts, to the point that I have specifically requested one-on-one training from people I collaborate with just so I have my independence from them. Learning and growing my own knowledge also means I don’t have to wait for anyone else to get my work done. When I’m in a peak state, I am a content creating machine. This is where I insert my favourite of the hashtags — #bossbabe 🤓💜

Back to my client and back to you! Here are some helpful tips if you are struggling to create content.

1. Keep a phone or little notebook with you everywhere you go. Jot note how your date went. This is a way to stay present and reflect on what actually happened in a day. I find those who struggle with content, aren’t really present in their day-to-day life, kind of just letting it pass them by. Get connected with yourself and your surroundings.

Jess Bali Girl-11

2. Find a stranger and have a random conversation. Take notes about what was said and the experience.


3. If you have the budget for it, depending on your topic, put a big of money into your personal development and try a few different courses, or eat out at a few different places and compare the experiences.

Food Sept 2018-49

4. Read books regularly. It’s hard to write if you don’t fill your vocabulary with colourful words to paint a picture for your audience. Don’t be afraid of the dictionary or thesaurus until you find words you naturally connect with.

Jacob Mark Sept-11

5. Power-hour of brainstorming. Just kidding! This is not something I would ever recommend to someone who is struggling to write. I’d say shorten this to a 10-minute session twice a week and jot down as many topics, themes, ideas or interests that you can think of. Number them in a notebook or on your mobile and if you’re stuck, pick a lucky number and write about it.

6. Take a course. There are a ton of short writing workshops specific to writing styles and topics online. Staying accountable to a program you’ve invested in might give you the extra push you were looking for.

7. Take the pressure off and reward yourself when you do take the initiative to write. Know that it’s a process and could take months to build this habit into something you actually enjoy doing.

8. Hit the record button, please. You are lucky to hear my greatest tip for those who dislike writing. RECORD YOURSELF. Get a little handheld or pocket voice recorder or dragon dictate for your mac because #appleislife, and share your thoughts. This one has made my life so much easier working with clients who want me to write blog articles for them.

9. Go on a trip, an adventure, a roady. Plan something unique even once a month if possible and live life so you actually have things to talk about.

Jacob Mark

facebook The struggle is real when writer’s block sets in. Want to become a content creating machine? Check out my easy 9-step strategy in my latest post.

twitter Have no fear, your social media coach is here. #bestoftheday 9 real-time strategies to become a #contentguru, so your business never skips a beat.

all photos and written content are my own – Jessica Clifford 2018


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