COM0014 – Blog #4: Sash Bag, The Hands-Free Wonder Bag.

“Sash is the ten-pocket, hands-free wonder bag that will revolutionize your life! It’s mega organized, comfortable, and cute!” I no longer put my purse on the back of a restaurant chair, nor do I hope that there is a hook for my purse in the public washroom so I don’t have to put it on the floor,  I don’t lose my purse in the car, or put my purse on the counter or floor the minute that I get home.

I first discovered this company when I came across a Kickstarter campaign online. I’ll admit that I researched and followed them for a while before I made my first purchase. The way that they engage with their audience convinced me to give it a try.

Screenshot_20181014-055628_ChromeThe Sash Bag Facebook page keeps customers up to date on new colours and styles of bags. It is also filled with videos showing the attributes of the bag and tips on how to use it. The Sash Bag VIP Facebook group connect women (and a few men) who are fans. It feels like a large group of friends. They post selfies, tips on how to use the bag and some fans sell or trade their Sash bags. Many of the customers refer to themselves as Sash Sisters or the Sash Squad. On both the Facebook Page and VIP Facebook Group, the feed is full of positive feedback and mentions of how customers are happily spreading the word on what they believe to be an outstanding product. I’ll admit that I also posted a picture of me wearing my Sash hiking this fall. It was fun engaging with fellow #Sashsisters!


Screenshot_20181014-060030_ChromeSash Bag’s Twitter feed is filled with reviews from bloggers and customers. Sash bag engages with their audience on their twitter feed linking back to their Instagram and Kickstarter pages prompting likes and sharing of information. This is definitely an effective approach to using Social media and gaining more #SashSister followers. So effective that their second Kickstarter campaign was fully funded in 36 minutes and ended up raising $1,019,486 –  which far surpassed their goal of $29,000!

Have you purchased a product from a company that has caused you to engage with them online? What was your experience?

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