Are you Listening?

If you have read my other two blogs, “Ahead of the curve” and “ My Business is on Social Media – What Next?”, you will guess that my next blog is on business again!

For businesses that have followed the simple steps I have outlined in my previous blogs, the next logical step is, are you listening? You can put all the effort into your social media strategy, but if you are not listening to what your clients are seeking, you won’t keep up momentum.

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As discussed previously, it’s a good idea to engage your audience with promotions through your platforms. Did you try it? What kind of response did you get? Maybe you didn’t see more revenue, but you saw an increase in followers, or vice versa. Either one is win in my books. You are going in the right direction. Obviously seeing more revenue is always the goal, but gaining awareness and followers is equally as important. But like any business professional, you want to see an increase in both simultaneously! This is when we look for areas for improvement.

When running your promotion, did you listen and engage with your audience? Hopefully you had someone monitoring the promotion, looking for comments from your audience. You want to collect this feedback and use it for future improvements.

Did you see an increase in traffic, but not many conversions? You will want to take a close look at your landing pages, where are your customers going, do they have to navigate to several pages to make the purchase? Its important to make it as easy as possible for a user to either make a purchase or input their details for additional information.  Think how often you end up on a site from an ad, and its difficult to navigate, do you stay on the site and try to find your way, or do you lose patience and try to find another company?

To be successful with your social media strategy, its all about trial and error, you can only improve and see a ROI if you are willing to adapt and change. Above are some ideas of how to get started to see a ROI, but I would suggest taking a look at an article I found on Hootsuite, to really get a handle on things.

I have asked quite a few questions through out this post, lets discuss! How long do you stay on a site trying to make a purchase if its difficult to navigate?

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One thought on “Are you Listening?

  1. Well Said! It sure is important to engage with customers. The problem is a lot of companies who just don’t understand the importance of engagement and insist on shoving sales pitches down our throats. Yet successful brands who engage their customers understand that customers want to interact with their peers and learn something of value, which has never been as easy thanks to technology.

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