When I grow up I want to be a YouTube star!

That exact title terrifies me! When I was young, and people would ask what you wanted to be when you grow up it was things like – A rock star, doctor, firefighter etc. Now when I ask my nephew he says things like – a YouTube star or a social media influencer. Have we failed this up and coming generation?!

Well maybe not! If we look at YouTube as creating content and how much content is out there now, someone starting their own channel must be creative and come up with some unique stuff. Photo via teepublic.comThey also need to be extremely engaging in order to attract attention. Now, posting online on YouTube will not make you a YouTube star. You will need to use different platforms to promote your channel. You will also need to be engaging with those viewing or commenting on your content. One of the best things about YouTube is that it allows people who participate to feel like they know the person posting. A lot different from the days of teenybopper magazines and writing to fan club

When I really think about it I wonder if I should really worry. In order to be a successful YouTuber, there are a couple of skills one would need to possess. The person would need to be creative, entertaining, have a good understanding of marketing and branding and be tech savvy. All of these skills can be used in many different areas and a person who has all of these skills will likely be successful in many areas of life. Plus, you can make a ton of money. Forbes reported in 2017 that the highest paid YouTuber made $16.5 million. That’s pretty good!

While this landscape is scary and unknown I think we need to encourage the creativity of the younger generation while warning them and guiding them. There are a lot of risks with becoming a YouTube Star but that’s for another post.

So, who do you follow? Do you know anyone that is up and coming? I’d love to check some of them out!

Facebook: Become a Star – On YouTube! https://bit.ly/2RNbyGX

Twitter – Career option – YouTube? – https://bit.ly/2RNbyGX

5 thoughts on “When I grow up I want to be a YouTube star!

  1. I think the one thing we are failing to teach our children is to fail.

    They have it pretty easy. When I hear my son trying something for the first time and saying he is mastering this new skill, I find it a little sad. I have mixed feelings about this because I feel like the grumpy dad as well if I try to express that to him.

    I like your strategy of decomposing the steps it takes to get there, like: “You want to be a Youtube star? Sure sounds easy, but do you know what it takes to get there?“ In martial arts we say fall 99 times, get up 100. This can apply anywhere in life. In the mean time we can only try to give them the tools to get back up when they will fail and celebrate success with them when you have a chance, but not on their first try… They will still have to fight.

    • Hey Serge,

      I totally agree, kids need to understand failing. It’s an important lesson to brush yourself up and get up and try again. Great point!

  2. As a youtube personality myself, I can say that if your kid or any child wants to make content, let them! If it works out and then youtube suddenly stops, they have a full portfolio online for upcoming jobs.

    Like you said, a successful youtube personality understands marketing, branding, editing, and most importantly to be creative. I know if youtube stops I will and can do something of the sorts after. I love the editing process, so if push comes to shove I can be an assistant editor for a TV series/movie.

    It takes a lot of work, and I’m not even huge on youtube, but I love it and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I hope kids will be creative. Don’t let them get down, my parents tried but I persisted. So don’t be my parents, and be supportive.

  3. Hey Jax! Really good read on a modern, important topic! This is so true, all the young kids want to be are youtube stars today and I can understand why.

    You get to stay at home all day and game, review products or just talk about random things and you gain so much from it. I actually considered doing game streaming just because I was told I had ‘one of those personalities’, it’s a big confidence boost but at the same time – it’s a career choice. To do a career and be really good at it, you must truly have a passion for what you’re doing and also have real-life skills for the job. Like you said, you need a list of skills and I don’t even think those cover all the talents you would need to be honest. Nobody explains the whole career of it and I think a youtube star should sit down and tell children what they are in for and what the job actually entails. For now, let them dream! But when they hit high school and are seriously considering a career, they need to brush up on what it REALLY means to be a youtube star.

    Thanks for the post Jax! Great read!

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