COM0014 – Blog #4 – B2C Case Study – Saje Wellness

Saje Wellness – Helping you feel better, naturally!

Saje has an amazing online presence which includes at first glace – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website and a blog. When you enter their website you are also able to add yourself to their mailing list so they also use email marketing.

Saje has been successful at ticking off all areas of using their social media as a B2C. For

Screenshot of Saje Wellness twitter conversation

Screenshot via Twitter

example they are consistently engaging with their customers on all platforms. When someone responds to a post about liking their product they thank them. They are always engaging and offering more information about their current products of trying to help consumers find a product that is write for them. This is extremely convenient as it’s like having a personal shopping experience. They has made it so that you do not have to go to their store to ask questions about their products.

Once joining their mailing list you receive emails about promos, in-store events and

Screenshot via Saje Wellness Facebook

Screenshot via Saje Wellness Facebook

product launches. As an example during Thanksgiving weekend they had free shipping available on all order. They also make sure to post this on their social media pages.

Their blog offers different types of tips that can relate to different types of people. For example some of their current headlines are – What to expect then expecting, The dirty of cleaning products, and Let’s talk about air quality. Each one of these concerns can hit multiple people which allows their products to access a larger group.

Saje has done a great job in covering multiple areas of social media and are always active in communicating with their customers. I’ve included the links to all of their pages if you are interested.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever tried their products or engaged on social media with them. What was your experience like?

Twitter – @SajeWellness

Facebook – SajeWellness

Instagram – Sajewellness

Blog –



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