Is Social Media Negative for Your Mental Health? This might get candid…

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I want to start off this blog right away by saying I am very aware of all the positives of social media and the amazing things it has provided us with, but I want to use this platform to talk about the use of social media and how it can negatively affect a person’s mental health.  Not all the numbers and statistics that have been done over and over and always seem to have a different result, but through me and what I have been through and learnt.

Social media is a scary place, it’s a space where you can sit behind a screen and say whatever you want anonymously with next to no repercussions.  I absolutely hate to admit it but I have not only the receiving end of online bullying but been the one saying the negative hurtful things.  This is something I am ashamed to admit and will be burdened with my entire life, but I think it’s important to see both sides (though this in no way excuses what I did) I was in an incredibly dark place and I thought projecting hate would make me feel better about myself. No surprise, but this tactic did not work. The reason I am bring this up is let people know that bullies are not born, but made.  Almost every single person (no not all but most) people I have talked to about this, their hate came from a similar place as mine, wanting to make others feel bad in an effort to make yourself feel better.

The best advice that I have for anyone is making others feel bad will only make you feel worse, take breaks from the internet, don’t let it consume you, and if you are getting bullied the best thing to do? Block them! It took me so long to think of this and I don’t know why, you don’t need to read that negativity and let it bring you down.

While it may not be the greatest movie ever made, I’m linking the trailer to a movie I  recommend to everyone to watch that shows all these affects from multiple different angles and shows how fast it can happen is Cyberbully.

Do you have any similar stories to share? What are your thoughts on this negative side of social media, is there a way to avoid it?

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9 thoughts on “Is Social Media Negative for Your Mental Health? This might get candid…

  1. Enjoyed your blog topic. Certainly cyberbullying is becoming a much too common and serious problem. In so, that is has resulted in some young people to actually take their life. Thankfully I have not been the receiver of bullying through social media.
    I agree that a good thing is to take breaks from the computer and social media sites especially like Facebook and Instagram. There, you are seeing constant upbeat and happy things going on and sometimes if that isn’t where you are at right now it can cause an unhappiness and in some cases leading to depression.
    Do reading or listen to music or take a good walk. That can be far more healthier than being on the computer for long periods of time.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your post really hit a note with me. I am generally a positive person and filter everything I say, especially when angry. This includes when on social media. However, my daughter was an unfortunate victim of cyberbullying in her first years of high school. It was hell. She ended up switching schools and very upset with life in general. She also suffers from anxiety and depression so needless to say it was a bad time for her, and me as a parent trying to deal with this unknown entity. I like how you mention that bullies are made not born and give you props for admitting to your own faults. That is very brave of you. Funny thing, one of my daughters bullies approached her this year with an apology of how she treated her. She is apparently in a program of self reflection and making amends for her own past actions. While my daughter acknowledged the apology she did not forgive. She has her own demons to bare as a result and is not quite at the forgiving stage. I commend her as well for acknowledging the apology and telling her she appreciated that she reached out. It is a hard lesson to learn. Thanks for the post.

  3. This is a very touchy subject. I think this is such an important issue to discuss with kids. I think the biggest thing for teens is how they go to school and can be bullied but when they come home it doesn’t stop. Not an issue that I had to deal with growing up. As seen in the news this is causing more and more issues for kids and teens. I wonder – should school systems look at creating content to discuss this?

    • It is definitely a touchy subject! I almost chose a different topic for that reason but I feel if we dont talk about it, it will continue to happen. I think that schools do try to talk about the subject as its so relevant but again they are probably hesitant to get involved with all the sensitivity around it, though in any case I would support more talk about it in schools.

  4. It’s really sad to think about the way technology can be used in such negative ways. Even if it wasn’t purposeful, a lot of my high school friends used to know one another’s passwords and find out what their other friends were saying about them and it caused a lot of problems. Another problem is thinking that everyone that follows you is your friend when it’s just going through the motions and following people you don’t really want to see information from. Great post!

    • Thanks Molly, thats a great way of putting it. People are fooling themselves into thinking their following is the amount of friends they have which is just not the case.

  5. I really liked your post Jade. I think it’s so important to talk about cyberbullying and I’m glad you are talking from the other side of it. It’s crazy to think how much things have changed with the internet and social media. Although I don’t have children, I remember as kid being bullied in school and also on MSN Messenger. At that point, I didn’t think things could get much worse than that for future generations. Boy, was I wrong! I’m almost thankful that Facebook and Instagram didn’t exist at that point because I feel like I might have had a much harder time. Each time I read articles about cyberbullying cases, I start thinking about when I’ll have children, and worry about social media. No one should have to deal with that, even less so a child.

    I find it very sad that social media can be used in such a negative way! We can only hope that as long as the conversation about cyberbullying keeps being in the news and online, it will help kids talk about it to get help or stop the bullies from doing it. Like you said, blocking people who are bullying you is the best way to go! It’s something that kids should be taught early on when they start using social media.

    Thanks for the movie suggestion, I will check it out!

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