COM0014 – Assignment #1 -Blog #4 – B2C Case Study

Please just make me laugh.

Making people laugh is important.  Being able to laugh at yourself is equally important.

And if you are going to go out for an evening and likely lose some money at a casino, being able to laugh about it is REALLY important.  fallsviewcasino

One of my favorite set of TV commercials is from the Fallsview Casino.  I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t laugh at their TV spots.

They are always humorous pieces about “remember the time you DIDN’T go to Fallsview”?    The most recent one is about a bunch of guys who get invited to a crazy cat lady birthday party for her FELINE, instead of going to FALLSVIEW with friends where they were invited.  FALLSVIEW COMMERICAL 2018

There have been a whole series of commercials over the last few years, they are brilliant and hilarious.  But where FALLSVIEW fails is their regular social media.  Brilliant TV commercials don’t always translate into brilliant posts online I get it, but they have literally NO sense of humor online.

Fallsview on TWITTER has done 6637 tweets at the time of my review and enjoy 5840 followers.  Their average engagement per tweet is less than 10 people.  Their INSTAGRAM is only marginally better, 3067 people with 542 posts, they rarely crest 200 likes on a post, with the average around 75.   fallsview

In my opinion, they need to find their sense of fun/humor online.

If I wanted to know about their restaurants or what is being served for dinner tonight, quite frankly I would look it up on their website.

Their commercials are amazing, but their online media teams need to look at how to scale those down and use similar concepts funny campaigns online, more videos, boomerang, etc. but my preference would be to use the same tone and please, just make me laugh.


Photos courtesy of Twitter, Google
Tracy Hogg,
October 10, 2018

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