Killed By A Selfie Is A Thing Now?

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The phenomenon of selfies is so big, that even back in 2013 Oxford Dictionary named it “Word Of The Year”. In 2015, people uploaded 24 billion selfies on Google. Wait for it… People between 18 to 24 years old click 1 million selfies per day.

Snapping selfies and posting them on social media has become a form of self-expression, some people however, for the sake of more attention and “likes”, put themselves in dangerous settings. In many cases, this has resulted in fatal incidents.

In a study by the Indian Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care about the fatalities by selfie across the globe, the findings were troubling. Fatalities related to selfies killed 259 people between 2011 and November 2017. To put that in another context, selfies killed about 20 times more people than sharks.

A Trend On The Rise

Selfie-related deaths first reported in 2011. Almost 50% of total selfie fatalities happened in 20-29 year age group and 36% in 10-19 year age group. Fatalities for people over 30 are much less, I guess they’re just less interested in killing themselves over selfies! Don’t get me wrong, Millennials love their selfies.


The study also found that the main cause of selfie deaths are drowning, motoring, falling and fire. Most of the selfie fatalities caused by firearms happened in the United States, where permissive gun laws could be to blame. Internationally, India ranks first, followed by Russia, United States and Pakistan.”

“No Selfie Zone”

As a suggestion to curb the selfie enthusiasts, the study suggests that “no selfie zones” be established in tourist areas, mountain peaks, near water and on top of buildings. In my humble contribution, I suggest that security forces keep an eye on social media and observe the common dangerous places where people tend to take selfies and crackdown on them.

Facebook Logo  When selfies could kill you

twitter-logo-final Selfie Danger.. Selfie Danger!

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