Instagram 101: First Steps to Insta Fame!

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Elijah O’Donnell

Instagram is used by a large number of people, everyday users through to the Instagram famous influencers. Regardless what your long term goal for your account the initial first steps must be taken and everyone who instagrams ( successfully ) should start with the basic knowledge of these 4 steps.

Posting, the more the better

The most important thing with Instagram is content. If you have nothing to look at why would people visit your page, if you have no new content, why would they come back? Content is the currency of the Instagram market, but what to post. If you are just using it as a personal account posting your daily life, inspirations, memes, the sky is really the limit. If you are going to go the route of attempting Instagram fame try to pick a nieche and one that you can create content for. If you are a photographer who has never seen the inside of a gym, a fitness page might be an unrealistic goal, but maybe try a photography page.

 Highly recommended before you start, try to gather enough content to last a month. In having this back stock of images to use you can ensure your first 30 days will have something new with a full month to gather content for your next month (and so on).

Content, why is yours worth viewing

Alrighty, so post, but what? The material you use needs to provide your audience with something. Sure you can post pictures of your cat (if it’s a cat Instagram account) but if its nearly the same pose, poorly lite and uninteresting you better bet your catnip they are going to check out a more photogenic feline. You need to find a way to ensure your content is engaging, interesting or providing the viewer with new information of some sort to improve their lives in some way. Back to Fluffy, posting fluffy experimenting with new cat products, cat foods and scratch posts would provide your viewer reviews on products they may have been considering for their cat.


Jon Tyson

#Tags, #Geofilters and #hashtags (be discovered!)

It doesn’t matter how much content, nor how engaging the content, if nobody can see it, nobody can follow it. Geofilters, tags and hashtags help broaden your audience reach by making you searchable. Geofilters are great if you are trying cultivate a particular market or location. Want fluffy to be the “It” cat in Ottawa, then geotag those photos and videos to Ottawa. Trying to get your viewers back to a particular pet store you own? Geotag that location! 
Hashtags are key search words that are relevant to your photo. They work wonderfully if your trying to target specific groups, idea or market and you can use up to 30 (though it is recommended to aim for 5-20). That means you can use #cats #Ottawa #Productreviewer #Instacat #fluffy and get users searching any of these relevant hashtags. Not sure which ones to use? Find a similar page or two and see what hashtags they are using! You can also google trending hashtags to get an idea of the most viewed ones on instagram.
Tagging is great if you have a friend who is established that can collaborate with you, you can get some of their followers to view your page by tagging them in a photo they are in. It is usually mutually beneficial because your followers can also find your friend through your account!

Last, but most important! ENGAGE!

Social media is just that, social! If you don’t socialize and get to know people in you niche community they won’t get to see you. In engaging on posts on similar page, liking similar content and following similar materials you are seen by others following liking and commenting on the same posts. The more your name is seen the more there is a chance someone will click on it an the more people drawn to your page the more chance they will follow you.

Now that you are versed on Instagram you can boldly begin your Instagram careers!

Tried my tips? Did they work? Let me know!

Also, are their any tips I forgot? Tell me what they are in the comments below.

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