#3 Baby steps to becoming a digital nomad

Thinking of leaving your 9-5 desk job and making a hop, skip and one giant leap across the globe to enjoy the luxurious ocean views from places like Tahiti, Hawaii, Sri Lanka and the Maldives?

This is Bali, Indonesia back in 2017 when I spent 1.5 months exploring this fast-paced, exotic island. I’ve dreamed of being able to travel the world and offer my skills and services wherever I am. Some call this survival mode and risky, I call it truly living in the present moment.

Jess Bali Girl-10

Imagine you could wake up to the sound of the ocean and eat fresh fruits every hour of the day, (picked from the trees people!), bask in the hot sun on a daily basis and work on your schedule. Better yet, imagine if you could pick yourself up and make an office out of any destination you chose in the snap of your fingers? I have. I dream about it all the time and slowly chip away at developing my online skillsets to take myself wherever the wind blows me.

Here are three ways to start your journey of becoming a digital nomad.

Jess Bali Girl-11

#1 Education

I’m not saying you need a degree or a diploma, but you’ll want to put a lot of time and energy into studying the field you’re looking to work in. People want results and there won’t be a transaction in your favour if you can’t provide that for your clients. For example, to run your own Social Media Agency, it would be wise to look up, networking, sales, marketing, social media, customer service, and try and look for gaps and common themes by sparking up conversations with business owners. You’ll need to have the belief, better yet personal conviction to pitch yourself and your new business. That largely comes from unshakable knowledge. Hit the web, the books, class, whatever you need to do to soak it in. For example, right now I’m focused on building my IG following –> find me (@jessica.clifford) <– and say hi or  a l o h a  if you’re from class!

jesscamera#2 Modelling

Nope, not the kind of fashion gig you had in mind. Find someone who has been successful in what you are trying to do and model them. Mirror their behaviours, actions, responses and try to connect with them if possible. My current girl crush and digital nomad is Nadine Rohner who runs the Social Seashells. I am currently studying under her mentorship as well as this course because she is living the life!

workspace.jpg#3 Patience

Put yourself out there and offer to work by results. Instead of charging for a job that you’ve never done before, find someone’s brand and social pages that you generally have an interest in, and see if you’d be able to improve on what they have. Since starting my course at Algonquin for Social Media, a few surprise clients have surfaced. I am going to work for free to practice my skills because the last thing I want is to learn a hard lesson with a paying client. We all have to start somewhere and being humble to appreciate where you patient and without expectations of monetary benefit can take the pressure of your first few runs at your new business.

Has anyone ever tried the digital nomad life? What were some pros or cons?

Anyone interested in become a digital nomad and have more tips to share? I’d love to connect and feel free to also find me on FB to continue to the conversation — this is me —

all information shared is based on my own personal experience and seen from mentors in the brand & marketing industries. All photos are my own.

Last question I’m really struggling with, Tahiti or Sri Lanka and the Maldives!? Anyone been before? SOS I need some pros and cons for these places…currently no cons found. #wanderlust #travelislife @digitalnomad

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