Youtube’s Finest & Worst Creators

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As of recent, the young demographic watches a lot of Youtube now. Especially with the new Youtube app, ‘Youtube Kids’. Before this app though, they would watch through the normal Youtube website/application. With that comes a lot of the worst of Youtube people though. Kids could look up anything and be exposed to so much that their minds just can’t fathom.

With being a content creator for youtube, I see the good and bad for this new app. But I also know that the good outweighs the bad. Then I thought of the finest and worst people on youtube. So thus, here is a list I have created. For many reasons I am not putting in my friends on this list since I can go on for hours about them, and my own channel will not be in here as well because of obvious reasons. If you see someone on here who you love, make me change my mind. Comment below, these are my opinions but they can be changed! Make me change. Make me grow as a person, so let’s begin!

  1. Finest: Bethany Mota. Beth is a fun natured person. She always has a good time on camera, and does a wide range of videos! She truly was one of the OG crew on Youtube. My username is a spin off of hers, with my own twist. But she truly inspired me and many others. She has this good nature around her and I feel it through a screen, which is really hard to do. She has not been uploading recently, but I go back to her channel all the time whenever I want, and that’s the beauty of Youtube. If she decides to stop all together, I would not be mad. I can go back to her channel and watch her old stuff over and over again.
  2. Worst: Jake & Logan Paul. As I’m writing this, Shane Dawson is doing a series on Jake Paul, 5 parts to this series about Jake Paul. To know the real him. Shane has a hunch/conspiracy that Jake is a sociopath. Now, I don’t watch them whatsoever, so I cannot say that is true or false. I do not watch either of the Paul brothers because they are bad natured people. They do pointless/stupid pranks all the time. I can enjoy a fun prank where no one gets hurt, but it’s like they do not care whatsoever! Also with Logan and the suicide forest in Japan, just made me lose respect. I had respect before, but not anymore. I know he apologized but it didn’t feel sincere. I know these brothers do not have a channel together, but for this list I mashed them together.
  3. Finest: Joana Ceddia. Joana is new to the Youtube world. She started uploading this past summer. She is a fellow Canadian Youtuber and I love her because of that. If you are new to her, she is a comedian essentially. She’s the same type of creator as Emma Chamberlain is. Back to Joana though, she is so funny. I can tell she loves making videos. That she’s excited to film every time she films. I don’t know honestly how Joana got so many followers/subscribers so quickly. She went from having 3000 subscribers about 2 weeks ago, now she’s at 963,733 subscribers (at the time I’m writing this, there’s probably more by the time this gets posted). She’s multi-talented. She paints, swims, runs, and draws really well. Oh, and her love for cookies is unreal.
  4. Worst: KSI. KSI started 8 years ago, with doing gameplay videos. I heard about him not eight years ago, around 3-4 years ago. So still a long time ago. He had roughly 4 million subscribers I think, and he still was doing gameplays then. It’s now, where I don’t like his stuff. Also with the KSI vs Logan Paul fight, I couldn’t handle all of this now. I don’t see his personality anywhere, that’s just me though.
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Youtube and these people can obviously change over time. So I hope everyone here changes and develops as people. I do really like a lot of people, I know by saying worst, is a lot. But again these are my opinions and again like I said earlier if you feel strongly about anyone here and want to change my mind, go ahead! Comment your opinions down below. Make me change my mind. I enjoy debates and I hope we can all be respectful here. 

2 thoughts on “Youtube’s Finest & Worst Creators

  1. Hi Valerie
    I love this post because I only watch YouTube for music videos so I will be sure to check these out and your channel as well. I have a nine-year old nephew who watches alot of YouTube about the new app for kids. This is all so interesting for me being such a social media newbie (cuz I’m an oldie).

    • Thank you! I used to only use it for music videos myself when it was 2005, such a great time that was! My channel’s name is Valerie Perkins, but you can probably find me under my old username as well (urbanbabe01). The new kids app is honestly great in my opinion! It can sort out the bad on YouTube for kids!

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