The TOP 3 Negatives of Social Media Marketing you NEED to know

When I tell people that I do social media marketing for companies they always say the same thing, “wow, that must be such a fun job! Getting to roam facebook and twitter all day?!” and I just smile and laugh politely. As most of you reading this article probably know social media marketing is much more than just fun and games. It involves keyword research, online optimization, campaign management, content creation, and customer communications to name a few. I’ve had friends and family try to manage their companies online presence and they just couldn’t keep up with the rotating trends, event planning, and customer questions online. They ended up giving up and leaving it to float aimlessly in the online world. Knowing how to do the job is one thing but if you want to stay ahead of the curve, I would suggest trying to avoid and prepare yourself for the negatives that can sneak up and destroy your career.

Online Pessimism

Being around negativity all day can take a toll on you if you are not prepared for it. Your biggest tool to deal with this problem sounds simpler then it is, be optimistic and open-minded. People mostly share opinions on social media, unhappy customers shine online and even use the companies page to try and taint their reputation. Sadly, customers that are satisfied with the company rarely come forward and do so without motivation. This doesn’t mean that you only have negative customers, remember to watch the sales and don’t get caught up in online complaints. Deal with the complaints as positively as you can, try to make the situation right and remember that sometimes there is just nothing you can do but apologize on the companies behalf. It’s not just customers, past employees or personal enemies can interfere online as well and it is safe to ask the company if you can take appropriate action and (or try) erase what they have said on the companies social media page. So, if the pressure becomes too much, remember that even Mcdonalds and Rogers get their fair share of negative feedback online as well.


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It is incredibly easy to be online and post something off the top of your head, reply to a customer without thinking, or even make a spelling mistake. With such an intensive world for sharing, liking and following, our mistakes can travel the web at lightning speed. Save yourself some embarrassment by always double checking something you write or, it may get to your boss before you have a chance to fix/inform them. Negative feedback, brand reputation, and your job could even be on the line if you let a mistake slip through the cracks.

It’s a 24/7 Gig

You don’t work 9-5, it never stops. You will always be monitoring, responding to feedback or posting informational updates. Actually, you are more needed outside 9-5 because that is when the majority of your customers are at home browsing. Try to think about what will positively affect your business and yourself most, take care of those core tasks in your main work hours so your “off-time” can feel like off-time. The online community never sleeps, so no matter what time of day it is you need to be available. Use tools like Buffer that can help you save some time and take some stress off of your busy career.


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When dealing with clients, it can be a struggle as well. Marketing Talent Incorporated puts it well by stating, “Companies can earn millions of billions of dollars through social media marketers in the short span of four months, and the company will pound them for not performing better. “You lost a lot of weight… Just. It’s not enough. Sorry.”.

If you watch out for these negatives, you can get ahead of them before they consume you. Have you dealt with a negative online experience with a client or company while marketing them?


The TOP 3 negatives to becoming a social media marketer. Prepare yourself for obstacles you didn’t see coming! LINK


The TOP 3 social media marketing negatives you NEED to know #winning LINK


6 thoughts on “The TOP 3 Negatives of Social Media Marketing you NEED to know

  1. I truly adored reading this. This is the career I am aiming to break into and it is so simple for the friends and family I have told to think it’s such a fun and easy gig, but I’ve never been able to articulate properly what the job truly entails. Thank you so much for sharing, as I can definitely use this as a guideline for the next time I’m told how “It must be nice to try to get paid to scroll all day”.

    • I’m really happy you enjoyed it so much! It was so hard at the beginning trying to explain it to my friends, family and even clients so I’m glad I could help you out! 🙂

  2. Very interesting perspective of online marketing or social media. Never done that before in my life, but in general from a physical world customer service and client relation perspective, I 100% agree with you. I have learned to smile all the time regardless what they say. Most of them are very nice customer/client who give me compliments/positive feedback, because I gone extra miles for them and treated them nicely and with respected regardless who they are, where they are from and their social-economic class; but there is always some “pain” and “negative” customer who think they are smarter and better than you. But they account for less that 5%. You being so positive online will translate and will be notice eventually. I once got a compliment from client on phone who said they can see my smile and that went upward!

    • That’s awesome Matt! I’m glad you enjoyed my blog. Yeah, being positive does go a long way, I find in person that people respond very well to be positive nature even when they are in a bad mood to begin with. Online, it was harder just because they were upset with the company itself, not because of our interaction. I can’t wait to master my client relation skills online! Thanks again for taking the time to read and respond to my blog !

      • If you realize that it is important and where you must focus to improve, you are at least half way there already ! Btw, real or online, customers are always upset with the organization, not you, never take it personally (unless you are the boss! 🙂 ) Nowadays, I always tell the person (phone or online) that it is not them, but since they represent the company and I will be very direct/hard on them … so listen carefully and raise up my concerns to your mgmt!

      • For sure! So true, I like to keep a monthly update to see how I can approve. Cutting costs or even just really setting time aside to listen to customer feedback – even if it’s negative. And yes, your right. It’s not the service representative you should get blindly mad at.. you should state that they are the issue and that the company is and since they work for the company, you need to give my concerns to somebody who can make a difference so that others don’t have to struggle as much as I did. I honestly don’t like it when people swear at Bell representatives, I think of them as people too but understand you have to find that balance to be assertive but not too insane haha

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