COMM0014 – Blog #4: Netflix to Consumer Interactions on Twitter

When you think of Netflix, the first thing that probably comes to mind is your favourite show to binge. For me, it’s selecting my favourite episodes of The Mindy Project or The Office and forgetting all of my stresses. Another exciting moment that occurs to me when I think about Netflix is all of the great original series that they produce, and the best way they promote these shows is through their Twitter account.


Netflix to Consumer Twitter Interactions

Netflix utilizes it’s Twitter account for successful business to consumer interactions. Considering that there are many people globally that own a Netflix account and watch daily, there are multiple Twitter accounts per geographic location. For instance, there is a Netflix Canada account, Netflix US, Netflix UK and Ireland, and so on. This is a smart social media tactic to cover all regions with Netflix without getting any questions from consumers mixed up or lost in a sea of notifications. Also, there are different shows and movies in different regions.

When Netflix adds a new movie or TV show, they promote it on their Twitter account in a casual and humorous way that allows for audience and consumer interaction. For example, Netflix recently released an original series called Maniac, starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. They used a screenshot from the movie Superbad, that the pair did in the past, and made a joke out of it to promote that the new movie will be arriving soon. Adding elements of humour within their Twitter page allows for more followers and hopefully more potential customers to purchase a Netflix account.

Netflix Screenshot

Screenshot from Netflix Canada Twitter page


Another great example is how Netflix interacts with their audiences online. In the two screenshots below, you will see how Netflix engages in consumer interactions. The Tweets already have a lot of Retweets, Likes, and Comments, which can persuade people who do not have Netflix already to purchase an account as Netflix Tweets about their great selection. In a way, this is subtle advertising from Netflix through Twitter.


Netflix using one of the popular shows that streams on their service to interact with followers/consumers; Screenshot from Netflix US Twitter page


Screenshot from Netflix US Twitter page


Not only does Netflix use their Twitter platform for humour or promoting new shows, but they also use it as a way to communicate with their current customers and answer questions through their Netflix Customer Service account.

Screenshot from Netflix Canada Twitter page

I  the above image, a current customer asked Netflix Canada if they will be getting the final season of New Girl, and Netflix Customer Service jumped in to quickly answer their question. Netflix usually responds on Twitter immediately, which is great for keeping current customers happy and also keeping their business.

Consensus: Netflix is a Smart Twitter User

Netflix is smart with the way they use Twitter. First off, since they have numerous accounts for the different regions, and also customer support, they are able to combat any questions quickly and efficiently. Netflix uses Twitter as a helpful promotional tool to get the word out about new shows and movies that will be arriving; they utilize it as a way to promote the popular items that are already available to stream; and lastly, Netflix uses Twitter as a way to communicate with current customers, and also potential customers, through humour, relatable posts, and Twitter threads and conversations.



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