3 Tips to Help You Unplug From Technology

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Do you ever catch yourself so focused on capturing a moment through your phone or simply just being distracted by it, that you missed what’s actually happening right in front of you? Me too! That’s why I have decided to compile this list of 3 tips to help you unplug from technology and focus more on the moment…

1.  Designated no phone time

I think that a great first step to unplugging is designating a couple hours each day to turning off all the devices and just enjoying yourself and/or other peoples’ company, whether it be dinner time, breakfast time, or maybe a couple hours before bed.

2.  Keeping the tech out of the bedroom

I know to some this may sound drastic, but I think that keeping the bedroom a technology free room is a HUGE step to giving yourself time to unplug at the end of each day as well as bright and early in the morning. Click HERE to read more.

3.  Have time for a hobby

Whether it be working out, meditating, arts and crafts, sports or whatever else you may be into.  Make sure to have yourself some me time doing something you enjoy that’s separate from the world of social media, something just for you to enjoy.

Unplugging is definitely a tricky thing to do in todays’ world of technology, but where there’s a will there’s a way! Let’s not let the world of technology stop us from making memories and having real intimate moments with the people we love.

Have you already tried any of these tips? If yes, comment below your experience and if you still use them today

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2 thoughts on “3 Tips to Help You Unplug From Technology

  1. Keeping the phone out of the bedroom is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. It’s so necessary and thanks for the wonderful reminder to try this again. The thought of having to leave my cozy bed in the morning to shut my alarm off is just too painful at the moment. I love my snooze button more than anything. Maybe a sign I need a simple alarm clock. How do you wake up in the morning if you “unplug”?

    • So true Jessica! I personally have a standard alarm clock in my room because I have heard its not good to have your phone near you when sleeping (whether thats true or not I am not sure) BUT it has definitely helped me keep my phone out of my room at night, I’m also sleeping alot better, I believe from not looking at a screen right before bed. Ive gotten back into reading books because of it!

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