My Business is on Social Media – What Next?

OK, you have done your research, following a schedule, created a quality meaningful posts, and you are starting to see traction. Perfect! Now, don’t change anything, keep everything the same, right? You are seeing traction, why change anything?

Unfortunately, many people think that way. But to remain successful and “Ahead of the Curve”, you must always be a step or two ahead of your target audience. If you read my first post you will remember that I talked about conducting research on your target audience, creating a schedule, and producing quality posts.

But this is just the beginning, you also need to keep your audience interested, and be constantly improving. Some ways to keep your audience interested is through promotions, why not treat your followers to something? While doing a promotion, consider having your followers doing a bit of work themselves, by making them share your post within their network. Suddenly, your list of followers is growing, and more traffic to your site, woo hoo!  This is just ONE idea, there are several others that you can try. For more great ideas head over to this article on sproutsocial.

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Did you choose a platform, and start seeing “some” traction, but would like to see more? Do an audit, if you are inputting more then you are getting, consider changing your strategy or possibly your platforms. There are so many factors should be considered. For example, are you pushing out content at the right time of the day for your target audience? There is no exact formula, but there are some guidelines you can follow until you find a good schedule that works for your target audience. I found a great article on Hubspot, you will also find a detailed infographic.


Social Media is constantly changing, don’t always stick to the same or you will be right back at the beginning again!

What do you think, do you find your using certain social media platforms at specific times of the day?


facebook Your Business is on Social Media – Are you Taking the Right Steps? #Marketing

twitter Is your Business Taking the Right Steps?

6 thoughts on “My Business is on Social Media – What Next?

  1. Hey! Awesome post! It is so true when you start seeing traction, you get excited and want to keep doing the same thing you are doing. I mean, you are already doing so much right? But people don’t understand that getting followers and likes is one thing but, keeping your followers and like count high is another. Thank you for writing about this, I also find sprout social to be very informative when staying ahead of the curve. Doing an audit is a great idea too! I didn’t think of that when I first started out and I probably might have skipped over it the next time. It seems like common sense to measure if you are putting in more then you are getting out but, I feel like it is overlooked big time even to the most organized social media marketers.

    To answer your question, yes I do find myself using different platforms at different times of the day. Pinterest for example, it a great site for moms so before they take their kids to school (before 8 AM) and after their supper is completed (after 8PM) are very popular times for that platform. Thanks again for the read, very well done!

  2. This is a great article! As someone who is trying to build up their name on social media I fould this very informative. I never thought about the simple little strategies such as posting at a certain time of day for your target audience. Thanks for the read, great job!

  3. A relatable post for sure. You perfectly show how a strategy needs a strategy to make it work. What I mean by that is you execute your marketing strategy but then you need constant measurable results which need to be tweaked along the way, when and if necessary of course. Business on social media is no doubt a 24/7 affair.

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