COM0014 – Blog #3: Do you have teeth? You are my target audience!

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If you have been following my blog, you know that I am the office administrator and social media manager for an independent dental hygiene clinic. After completing a few social media courses I have come to a clearer understanding of the concept “target audience”.  A social media campaign can be much more successful when a strategy is well planned out and focused on the needs and wants of a specific age group.

Demographics and psychographics are two important methods to analyze the target audience for Norfolk Dental Hygiene. Demographic analysis is fact-based data that can be categorized and classified. It tells us information that includes factors such as gender, age range, occupation, marital status, etc. The psychographic analysis is based on information that is more subjective but tells us about our audience’s personality, values, wants, and interests.

At Norfolk Dental our largest target audience is comprised of Retirees. This is based on the demographics of our geographic area. Some retirees are no longer covered by private dental insurance and live on a fixed income and are concerned about the cost of caring for their oral health. Other retirees are newly widowed or divorced and looking to improve their smile cosmetically as a confidence booster. And some retirees have had dental issues all of their life that seem to be getting worse with the changes in health that come with age.

The obstacles and struggles of our retiree target audience are opportunities to let them know how we can solve them. The psychographic analysis along with the demographic analysis helps us learn what our clients need, along with what information they are looking for and how they like to receive their information. This enables us to get the right message to the right people.

There need to be a few more considerations than just the fact that person has teeth and we can clean them! How has learning about target audiences helped your social media marketing strategy?

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