COM0014 – Blog #3: Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

Christmas is my favourite holiday and I’ve been collecting Hallmark ornaments for over ten years.

I am part of the premium ornament collectors groups, for which, one of the perks is being part of an ornaments chat group. Because this is one of the perks of a paid membership, the group is very much geared towards people who have a specific interest in the company’s ornaments.


I have looked at other member’s profile and their demographics appear to be significantly different than mine. They are mostly located in the US, specifically the Midwest, where the headquarters of the company is. They are also typically female, Caucasian, retired and are mostly churchgoing grandmothers. Based on some of the comments they post, they also seem to espouse traditional Christian values. Given that Hallmark ornaments are collectors’ items, some can be quite expensive so I would say most of the group’s households belong in the medium to medium-high income bracket.


Since most of the group is older and not as social media savvy, several still use Facebook as their main social media platform. They do not appear to use newer ones like Twitter and Instagram.

Instagram would be ideal for my target audience as it is easy to use and they could take pictures and easily post them. On the flip side, most people use Instagram from their smartphones but that demographic does not usually have such devices.

I would use Google trends and Google alerts to identify the kinds of things people in my target audience are searching for in order to build a bigger audience.


There are other companies that sell Christmas ornaments, including Carleton Cards and Martha Stewart. While they have beautiful ornaments and are social media savvy companies, the quality is not quite up to par with Hallmark. However, they cater to a slightly different audience.


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