Leverage Social Media to manifest what you want in life. [Photos Included]

What if we chose to use Social Media as a tool for manifesting our own desires?

Ever heard of a Vision Board?

Facebook and Instagram are my digital vision boards (IMO).

What’s a vision board you ask? A vision board is a place where your greatest aspirations and wildest dreams live. Yes, live.

For example, I collect pictures, articles, words, phrases and just about anything that makes me feel excited about life, and piece it all together in one spot. This can be done digitally or on a poster board. Some people even go so far as to frame their vision boards and hang them on their wall! Great idea. For now, I use #photoshop to help me put together aesthetically pleasing collages.

TRUTH BOMB: Being the best version of myself can be tough. In all honesty, sometimes I have to start with baby steps when I get off the wagon. I look for little projects like these vision boards to get myself connected. I envision myself living a healthy, fulfilled, peaceful, fun and balanced lifestyle. The more I explore what that looks like, the more I find myself living it out.

Here’s an example of a photo I would put on a dream board to deliberately attract the kind of life I want.

Here I am.
1. Surfboard in hand
2. On a beach in Hawaii
3. Feet in the sand, sun on my face, beautiful weather, fresh out of the sea – you get the idea.

Hawaii Export3.jpgThis isn’t just a holiday for me and a nice picture to cherish as a memory. This picture means a lot more to me. When I look at it, I’m reminded of how peaceful it is in that ocean. I remember how fast my heart races in the brief moments I think to myself there could be a shark coming to eat me right…freaking…NOW! #jawsismylife #jurassicparkbroughtmetohawaii.

This photo reminds me of what I am working toward. It excites me to know I’ve been there and can make it happen again.

Social Media is my platform to leverage what I want more out of my life and here’s how.

1. I share my passions with the world and can make connections with people who will be apart of the journey to achieving my goals. Like attracts like and people feed off of high vibrations.
2. I am accountable to strangers, (since friends let friends eat doughnuts and skip gym days). This means daily/weekly/monthly discipline.
3. I am reminded daily of the vision I have and why I keep doing what I’m doing. (We get what we focus on).In the end, using social media platforms as your vision board is just the starting point to creating a plan of action for yourself. You’ve got to create a roadmap to what you want most in life because dreams can only carry you so far. Make sure you get clear about your goals by making a mental map of where you want to go.

What’s your favourite social space to post your dreams and goals?

Can you take a guess at what my favourite social media platform is?

Some extra tips in addition to using Social Media as your vision board:

1. Get granular (know the nitty-gritty details)
2. Connect to the reason(s) why you want to get to that destination in the first place
3. Create your roadmap to success and get in your car, set your GPS and drive honey!

Want to learn more about goal-setting?

Click Me

All photos are my own.

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