Why is social media like cat hair?

As a previous cat owner, I have discovered the pros and cons of being with cat hair and without. Cat hair, like social media, can be a horrible thing but it has its equal positives. Social media and cat hair both have similar effects on people. How they live, their lifestyle and their perspective.


Photo by Sereja Ris on Unsplash

Cat hair gets annoying. Just like social media always popping up notifications on your phone, cat hair is everywhere. It’s in your cereal, in your mouth, on your favorite black sweater, your pants and flying in the air all around you. We are bombarded with marketing emails, pointless entertainment, and ads on top of ads every single time we jump on a social media platform. Every business, grandparent, and CEO are trying to get on facebook just because of the mass publicity following its arrival. You cannot escape either social media or cat hair.

Check out this helpful blog by Catster.com to find out 10 ways to deal with your furry friend’s cat hair! (Number 9 is my favorite)

It can have some unruly stowaways. Ever heard the saying, “haters gonna hate“? Well, I have. Unfortunately, social media can have some pretty nasty people browsing around. Like a flea that may have hitched a ride from your cat to your juicy arm, people go around online just to cause trouble. Bullies take advantage of insecure girls, guys and girls are constantly sending each other snaps ruined with filters, girls insulting strangers who they don’t know, and heavily opinionated people torment others because they don’t agree. Like cat hair, social media can turn a social, positive environment into a scary realization that you have fallen victim to something you didn’t ask for. Now you have to clean the sheets, powder the carpet and clean your poor suffering cat.

It reminds you of what you love. Yeah, cat hair gets on my nerves but now that I don’t have one, I miss it. Same goes for my social media. When I haven’t been on my social media in a while I miss the funny videos I share with friends, the Pinterest ideas that my mom has given me from her board, just knowing that communication with my friends is just a click away. Without social media, I start to feel lonely.


Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels

Cat hair and social media both make me feel like I am part of a community. When I see a person covered in cat hair, I nod and understand what they are going through because we both are going through the same experience. I understand the frustrations that come along with it just as much as they do. One of the first things I do when I meet a new person is to ask somebody if they have facebook so I can add them.

Are you a pet owner who struggles with your pet’s hair? Do you struggle with social media? Leave your thoughts in the comments.




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facebook  Why is social media like cat hair? An unspoken community of comfort https://bit.ly/2IqZG9l




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