COM0014 – Blog #2: My Storytelling and Communication Styles

This week, I learned a fair deal on my storytelling and communication styles. I already know that I have a very expressive personality, am approachable and am somewhat vivacious – not annoyingly so like Steve Erkel! But I learned, in terms of online communication, that I mostly use an active voice and am often an analytical reader, but the latter is probably due to the nature of my work as a communications analyst. As well, in terms of my online interactions with my audience, I need to be more engaging.

A friendly face in a sea of unknowns…

Whether I am at the grocery store or at a coffee shop, whether in Montreal, Ottawa or New York, all sorts of people have always approached me and started random conversations. Many have been older, perhaps lonely and looking for a friendly conversation, while several others have been around my age. I’ve been asked all sorts of questions, ranging from current events and politics to the weather and fashion. My friends have always said that I have a friendly face and that’s why people approach me. I feel that those personality traits shine through when I write on my blog.

However, I should be asking more questions, including links and writing shorter, more concise paragraphs, as well as actively requesting feedback. What type of writer are you? What areas of your online communications do you think you need to improve?

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