Three Things That Always Happens Before You Burn Out

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If you’ve been online for a long time, you have seen many people ‘burn out’. They get tired of the same thing, or they are stuck in a loop of constant-ness and they simply can not handle it anymore.

I’ve been in a burnt out situation myself, while I have gone through this so have many other people. Recently two people I love went through a burn out; Alisha Marie and Elle Mills. There are more signs to a burn out, but these are the most common ones. And please note as well, if you are dealing with more than a burn out and a mental illness please reach out and talk to someone whether it be online, calling, or going to therapy.

  1. Not getting new ideas.

Now at first this just feels like writers block, video block, any type of block. You’re just having an off week! That’s it! Everyone gets those! That’s why you write down all your ideas so you can go to them when you simply cannot think of one!

But it’s when you don’t want to do them. I have times where I just cannot get my camera out of the expensive bag. Or even to edit the footage I have. Simply put, I have spells. It’s been with me since I have started posting on YouTube. I post weekly for the most part, but for a month I stop, then I come back like everything is normal.

2. Being Unmotivated

Again, this one is not doing anything. You feel like you’re done. You can’t do anything. You wake up, have your coffee, go to Netflix and your day is just gone. You may go to Walmart or Target to get a few necessities but that is it. You did nothing today. You did nothing the day before. You did nothing this past week.

When I went through this phase, I was also unemployed. So I would wake up, get a coffee in me, then go online ‘to look for a job’. I was picky with my job search though. I would apply/email to 5 places and then call it a day. Then I would waste my time on Youtube, Netflix, Twitter, Instagram, etc. My days were wasted. I did nothing for a solid 2 months. Realizing this now it is scary to me. My life has taken a 180 since then.

3.  Realizing

To realize you need to take a break. That is when you know you’ve hit a point. To need time off officially. To not feel bad about it. To take the time to do what you want; and when you want. To not post on your platform is so hard when you’ve been doing it for so long.

The girls I mentioned before, both took breaks. Alisha’s was a 3 month break. But she wasn’t totally gone. The first month she dove more into Instagram, and did more for that platform. The next month, she did take time off but she did vlog a few days because she wanted to. Not because she had to. Then the final month was for re-branding. She did a photoshoot, she re-did her channel art and everything you can think of. She always has poured her heart into things, but this time I can tell she has changed. Her content has changed, not entirely, but she has changed for the better.

Elle Mills, she takes her time with her videos now. No rush for her. She takes her time, even though she was roasting her brother before he went to college was rushed, but that was simply because he was leaving soon. Anyways, she didn’t explain it like Alisha did, but I’m sure she has been doing well. She looks well, and honestly she is inspiring to me.

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All in all, I think we all can learn from anyone who goes through a burn out situation. You can sympathize for them, but also relate very well. Work is too much for my Mom right now, and she saw that in Elle when I was watching her on our TV. My mother related to a girl younger than her daughter. She saw that, and my mom is taking action at work to make it less stressful, and more enjoyable for herself.

Leave a comment below telling me about your situations with burn out, how you dealt with it.

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3 thoughts on “Three Things That Always Happens Before You Burn Out

  1. Hi Valerie,

    At one point in my career I was giving everything I had for a job I truly enjoyed, but it often felt it wasn’t enough. I even went to see a psychologist to validate the signs of burn out to make sure that not only I would be able to recognize where the limit is, but also to make sure that I would be able to keep an eye out for my team members.

    I needed to find “me time”. What truly helped me was exercise. I started running again and discovered martial arts. Karate did so much good things for me. It didn’t matter how bad a day would be, when I would put that kimono on, it was all gone. Like a huge breath of fresh air. I felt better, slept better (but not necessarily more), I was more enthusiastic and overall I felt better. I even made new friends and now was socializing regularly a few times a week!

    I hope you find what works for you. Take care


  2. Hey there!

    I think this post covers a lot of good points. One thing you might want to define or add in the title is specially what type of burn out you are talking about. Obviously this is a social media course and all your points I think speak to it but just a thought for someone who might find this over google. I enjoyed your writing style!

  3. Wow, I love the message that you wrote about in your blog. I have definitely gone through this myself in certain areas of my life. The Elle Mills reference really hit home with me as I love her videos and content and have had so many emotions watching her go through everything, it reminds you that its usually the people you least expect to go through this kind of thing. Thanks for sharing!

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